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No fashion sense and need to smarten up... I am a disaster!

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mamadivazback Mon 15-Aug-11 10:55:08

I am starting college in 2 weeks and need some help to smarten up a bit but have no fashion sense what so ever!

I 24YO, limited budget, size 18-22 top, size 20-24 fat arse bottom, on a diet and have the most boring poker straight below shoulder length hair to go with my dull look.

I like the Indie / skater styles (to relive my yoof grin) but don't know if I could pull it off nowadays...

Any advice or style tips would be greatly appreciated.

HellonHeels Mon 15-Aug-11 13:01:12

What basics do you have already? Good jeans? Nice jacket? Winter coat? Shoes?

Starting at the "foundations" I would make sure I had a good bra because it doesn't matter how fab the clothes are, if you're sagging or bulging underneath them you won't look or feel good.

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