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Dress for a wedding. 22 weeks pregnant. Skinflint. (sounds tempting...yes?!?)

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tigana Sat 13-Aug-11 16:05:09


BIL getting married soon. I'll be 22 weeks with DC2.

I'm size 10-12, about 5ft4, not busty, have hips, short legs.

I'm also on a budget . Because:
a- I don't like spending money
b- I don't have oodles to spend
c- I will only be at the wedding for 2 hours!
so £30?....(god, is that even possible?)

IF the dress is wearable for semi-smart office work and/or everyday I will be much more likely to actually buy it!
Doesn't have to be really formal and dressy at all.

Come on wonderful style and shopping me from trailing round and round the city centre sobbing at the price/choice/styles in mothercare and new look.

Olivetti Sat 13-Aug-11 17:22:37

try ebay for tiffany rose or Isabella Oliver dresses

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