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I need a fabulous new hair style. Help!

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LeaveYourHatOn Thu 11-Aug-11 11:01:54

So, it was long. For ages and ages. Really long.
And then it got a bit shorter, and a bit shorter until it was in a layered bob, which looked good when it looked good iyswim, and was a nightmare because it needed proper styling every single morning and was too short to be just pulled back into a ponytail (for windy days when walking the dog).

It is now layers-growing out, shoulder length and looking utterly bleurgh.

I have a large face, big nose, and am very tall, so I think anything too sleek makes my head look too small iyswim. I think I need something layered with a bit of height or movement, but I don't know.

It is a sort of dark red (used to be redder, has gone a bit dull now) and in reasonably good condition, only odd grey hair here and there, no split ends.
Very persistent just off-centre side parting (which I think suits me better than a middle parting, but I'm open to suggestions).
Fringe at the mo, which I think is better than without, but I do grow it out periodically and then cut it back in again.

I really, really need help. I want to go to my hairdresser next week and know what I want.

I am going to be very brave, so if you PM me will send you a link to my FB profile pics which shows pretty much every hairstyle I've had over the last couple of years.

(Have name-changed for this, btw)
<so not all that brave, really>

Smallbrownbird Thu 11-Aug-11 15:21:41

Yup, me too. Going to a new hairdresser tomorrow and am just really starting to freak out. I have decided to do the wearing your favourite clothes and full make up thing, then I'm just going to BEG. And resort to tears if necessary. I'm told I'm seeing a 'long hair specialist' but I fear she'll be about 12 years old and will cut if all off and give me a shampoo and set. You can send me your links if you think it will help - not sure I'm the best person to ask!

LeaveYourHatOn Thu 11-Aug-11 15:43:34

Ooooh, good luck!
My hairdresser is very good, but I have to give her something to go on. I'm just not sure what I want any more.
How long is your hair?

Smallbrownbird Thu 11-Aug-11 16:03:22

To the small of my back, but it's 18 months since I had it cut and it's a real mess. The brilliant person who cut my hair for the last 10 years has left - do they know what this does to people?! Bit new to this - do I click on message poster for you to send me your profile pics?

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