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Boden dress for pear shape?

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I'm looking for an everyday/smart dress. I am 5 foot 7 size 10/12 on the top and 12/14 on the bottom. Can anyone recommend one?

Tortington Sat 06-Aug-11 08:34:08

boden makes everyone look frumpy - please go to phase eight or next

i'd suggest a lovely shift - with maybe a boden cardy - boden do fab cardigens

Thank you, I had a nice Phase Eight dress for a wedding yesterday. It was a size 10 grin and looked great. I'll have to have a good browse.

Next looks dreadful on me.

Tortington Sat 06-Aug-11 13:33:08

really! i've never bought phase eight, but if that means a comfy size down...goddamit, i'm buying!

laura ashley isn't as twee as you might imagine, and have some amarzing dresses i think, bit pricey

I am only 32C on the top with big shoulders though so my strapless dress with a fullish Aline skirt fit on the top and hid the bottom! In tops with arms I need a 12 to fit my shoulders in IYSWIM.

When I wear a skirt it has to be size 12 A line to the knee otherwise I look hideous. I find dresses the hardest to wear given the pear shape and tendency for my hips to look elephantine in anything else grin

I am an ebay shopper really. The Phase Eight was a spur of the moment John Lewis clearance purchase that popped up on the adverts on the side of MN. It just happened to be perfect. I might chance my luck on an ebay Phase Eight to see what happens........... Laura Ashley gives me a horrendous memory of a bridesmaid dress I had in 1992 grin

this was the amazingly size 10 dress BTW smile

This might be perfect as a work dress if it wasn't £110.

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