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Dry Oil Spray?

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Stase Mon 01-Aug-11 23:27:26

I'm looking for something to use after showering that doesn't take forever to absorb. I use cocoa butter at the moment, Palmers or Jergens, but when I was last pregnant my sister bought me a dry oil spray from the Sanctuary's mum-to-be range. It seems to have been discontinued, but I loved it because it was a quick spritz and sweep job that didn't take ages to soak in. It had a similar texture to the Clear Protect Ambre Solaire.

Anyone know of a similar product? On a not-massive budget?

TIA smile

madhattershouse Mon 01-Aug-11 23:28:51

Avon used to do one...don't know if they still do. Think it was the skin-so-soft range.

tiredmama Tue 02-Aug-11 00:32:32

Try the roger gallet huile de bois -21 £ ,absolutely lovely.

Mudwiggle Tue 02-Aug-11 10:26:50

Body shop used to do a fantastic hemp oil one, but can't find it here (I'm in NZ). They do still do an olive oil one which is good but a bit bland so I add a couple of drops of essential oil to it.

stressheaderic Tue 02-Aug-11 10:50:59

The Avon one is fantastic, smells lovely and doubles up as a mosquito repellant too. Prob why it's always sold out.

QuinnFabray Tue 02-Aug-11 17:54:11

Boots No 7 do one, I got it with a five pound off voucher. It feels nice, but I'm not keen on the smell. I'm going to try the Soap and Glory one next.

valiumredhead Tue 02-Aug-11 18:26:01

Sanctuary DO still do a dry oil spray - I saw it on Boots last week!

Stase Wed 03-Aug-11 21:20:14

Wow, thanks all! Think I'll order the Avon one, the reviews are pretty good, and I am a mozzie magnet, so double benefit!

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