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Pore refining/closing toner

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Flickstar Wed 20-Jul-11 16:35:12

Hi there, I went for a facial today and the beauty therapist said that the reason I often get spots and blemishes is because I have some open pores. She then recommended a toner which she said would close the pores before I moisturised but of course it was £50! I wondered if anyone had a good pore refining/minimising/closing toner that they could recommend? Thanks very much

TattyDevine Wed 20-Jul-11 16:38:32

You can't really "close" pores. They don't really work like that.

She's trying to sell you something worth £50 and this is unlikely to be the reason you get spots or blemishes.

I know that's not very helpful but someone might come along with something more helpful!

TattyDevine Wed 20-Jul-11 16:39:46

To be honest, if the therapist had guaranteed you that it would both close your pores and prevent spots with an offer to refund your money if it didn't, I bet you would have paid £50

Its that deep down you know this can't happen which made you reluctant!

Flickstar Wed 20-Jul-11 16:42:54

I think you're right! I was a little dubious but love a MN wonder product so I'm hoping that someone will come along with a (much cheaper) recommendation that I can try.

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