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Is it possible that my hair has stopped growing?

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Loonytoonie Mon 20-Jun-11 21:30:14

confused I've never had fast growing hair. Never. It reached the middle of my back by the time I was 11, I cut it at 15 and it's never, I repeat, NEVER, regrown past my shoulders. I had it cut to an extremely short bob, then even slightly shorter still (by another hairdresser who said that my first cut was terrible and had to neaten it up). That was in January. I've only had to trim my fringe twice (took hardly any off) and today, someone told me that my hair just doesn't grow.

I'd love long locks, but I think my hair is bloody shrinking, not growing!

TattyDevine Mon 20-Jun-11 21:35:51

Its unlikely that its stopped growing at all.

Are you eating well? You are not surviving on 2 carrots a day are you?

You're not on a VLCD are you (like Lighterlife or Cambridge) are you? If you do sole source of them your hair slows down in some people.

If not, it will probably pick up soon but you've just not been in a "growth phase" for a while.

Loonytoonie Mon 20-Jun-11 22:06:47

No, not on any daft diet, although I could do with shedding a few stone a few pounds. Life v hectic at the moment - with many late nights studying and stuffing wrong foods once little ones are in bed. Seriously hope my hair gets into a growth phase soon.

scaredoflove Mon 20-Jun-11 22:12:07

Do you use straighteners?

Most people who use straighteners regularly have hair that breaks off. Nearly every teen I know has terrible hair due to straightening - their hair never goes past a certain length as it breaks long before it gets a chance

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