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Need beauty / make up help please!

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Mandy21 Sun 05-Jun-11 21:19:26

I want to buy some new make up but thought it was a good time to perhaps consider some new / different things than the same stuff that I've been buying for the last few years.

I tend to wear a very light foundation / tinted moisturiser (Clinique Almost Make Up - but this has been discontinued now, or Clarins Tinted Moisturiser), Benefit Cheek Tint, any old mascara and Juicy Tubes lip gloss. Don't have a skincare routine, slap on some body cream if my skin feels a bit dry.

Thats it - same thing for the last god knows how many years but at 39 (!) and the sleepless nights associated with 3 children, am realising I need to up the ante.

So any beauty / make up products (particularly tinted moisturiser and make up) you swear by that a) are not heavy - don't like looking really made up but will make me (or at least try to!) look less haggard and more youthful and b) will give me good skin!

Many thanks

debz3610 Sun 05-Jun-11 21:36:59

DERMALOGICA!!! expensive, but i you definatley get what you pay for with this brand! book in at a salon for a face mapping session, they prescribe the skincare products that you need. they also do treatment foundation, its light and makes your skin look amazing!

My skin was awful, now im a total convert!! love it.

Oh! and dont be put off by prices, i buy all of my products in one go and they last me 3-4 months!

hope this helps

adewonder Sun 05-Jun-11 23:12:13

I've tried almost everything, as am easily led into thinking new makeup will make me beautiful/taller/successful/cleverer. Chanel foundation is nice across the range, light and moisturising. Generally I recommend going for attractive packaging and nice smells as what's actually contained within is practically the same. What I am addicted to is moisturiser, and I have lots. Different types for different skin crises, so neutrogena daily defence, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour(smells disgusting but is magic for dry bits), Chanel Hydromax, nic Lowe anti spot and anti age, and clinique dramatically different. I recommend moisturising above all else, my mum doesn't and that's what made me start at an early age, as she has jawline like the Churchill dog. Sorry mum, but it's true.

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