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Pleat front t.shirt

(2 Posts)
bonkers20 Thu 02-Jun-11 13:03:29

Last year (or maybe the year before) I got a couple of organic cotton pleat front t.shirts from Sainsbury's. They were about £8. I love them. They style is really flattering for me and they look somewhat more fashionable than a regular t.shirt.

Does anyone know where I can get something like this?

Kew have this one but it's rather more expensive than I'd like to spend.

bridgeandbow Thu 02-Jun-11 13:14:26

M&S have some in short, 3/4 and suntop length - various colours including black and white. BUT they are not cotton, they are viscose.

I too find this style really flattering and bought a couple as I needed something to wear with skirts and couldn't trek about. I would have prefered cotton too, as less sweaty, but worth a look. They do hang nicely. Good for work I would imagine.

Here is the 3/4 lenght one M&S top

Here is the short sleeved short sleeved top

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