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Help me find a lovely dress for SIL's wedding

(27 Posts)
PinkAndGlittery Sun 29-May-11 13:39:56

It's a fairly relaxed ceremony, in a garden in August. DH is best man so I want to look nice, but not too formal. I'm size 8-10, size DD boobs, 5"7, long chestnut hair, good legs. Budget about £500 but can go over if its something I can wear again and again . Colours that look good are cream, greys, blues, purples and greens. Red and pink look awful on me so stay away from those! Your help would much appreciated!

PinkAndGlittery Sun 29-May-11 13:42:59

Forgot to mention, already have these shoes which I'll probably wear!

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 16:00:22

If you can afford to spend £500 on a dress and £700 for a dress then not sure you need our helphmm.

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 16:01:00

£700 for shoes<yawn>

corlan Sun 29-May-11 16:21:21

Primark has some lovely things at the moment.

ggirl Sun 29-May-11 16:27:40

i like this

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:31:32

nice with the shoes

some of you lot are soooooooooooo bitchy.

Just because OP has money to spend why can she not ask for some advice?

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:33:25


way over budget but would go with the shoes[grin]

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 16:33:55

Becausae op is boasting by stealth and it it tedious(plus if I had £700 to spend on shoes wouldnt buy those tacky shag me,wag ones)

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:34:48

over budget but lovely

BabyReindeer Sun 29-May-11 16:36:13

I'm not jealous of you having £700 shoes, OP, but I am jealous of you being size 8-10, DD long chestnut hair and great legs! Anyway, to be constructive I tried to find some pictures of the Lily Allen "Lucy in disguise" new collection that was picutred in the Sunday Times Style magazine today - the clothes looked lovely, vintage inspired and pretty - just the thing for a wedding. The most elaborate of the dresses were £350 ish.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Sun 29-May-11 16:37:58

Those shoes will be a pita in a garden - you need wedges.

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:38:13

Very Bitchy Pink!

'tacky shag me,wag ones' in your opinion. OP didn't ask if you liked them.

Why be so cutting with your comments?

QuickLookBusy Sun 29-May-11 16:43:29

Agree the shoes will be a nightmare to walk around a garden. They will end up getting grass stained too.

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 16:45:10

Because the op is up her own arse? I mean who the fuck describes themselves as having "chestnut hair". Think you mean brown deariehmm.

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:45:53

Time of the month pink4ever???? grin

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:47:02

wedges might be better

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 16:51:00

No ruprekt I dont need any excuse to be a bitch.

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:52:58

wink --reminds-self-not-to-get-on-wrong-side-of-pink4ever-

Ruprekt Sun 29-May-11 16:53:31



harpfairy Sun 29-May-11 17:28:10

shock usual MN reverse snobbery, some nasty comments here. This is style and beauty, not AIBU, reel in your jealousy!
Quite nice myself I would head to a department store, or Matches, DvF, somewhere like that and try on with that budget. I'm watching with interest as would like a nice dress for my cousin's wedding too.

whoneedssleepanyway Mon 30-May-11 07:20:19

what is the problem, how do you know that the OP isn't going for a blow out on one outfit....if I hadn't been a bridesmaid for my sister's wedding OH had promised me a designer dress and I do not have a wardrobe full of those (well none to be precise...), I also have a pair of designer shoes in my wardrobe that were a present so my point is you know nothing about the OP's circumstances other than what she plans to wear for this wedding, if I had those shoes I would bloody well want to wear them whenever I could.

For what it is worth OP if I had cash to splash on a dress and an appropriate occassion I would be buying this from Hugo Boss doesn't look that special in the photo but seen it in the window in Westfield and thought it was gorgeous.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 30-May-11 08:52:49

Gosh OP - did you not realise on mn one is never allowed to spend more than £3 on a dress from primark or you're a snob. And heaven forbid you may be tall and slim - tut tut.

Seriously though could be worth a visit to Selfridges to see a personal shopper.

Or Reiss have some lovely dresses in at the moment and I think they cut well for tall/slim people.

This dress would look fab for a garden wedding and would work with your shoes

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Mon 30-May-11 14:34:42

I saw that Reiss one irl today and it is very nice - sadly I'm too short and curvy for it!

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 30-May-11 14:38:06

Why don't you go somewhere like Liberty's or Harvey Nicks and have a personal shopping consultation?

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