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Just received my bargainous waterproof, windproof, breathable, hooded, stylish Aigle trench thought I'd share it with you

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trixymalixy Sat 28-May-11 09:22:10

here with free delivery and a free gift.

Good contender for school run/work coat?

trixymalixy Sat 28-May-11 09:22:56

It's not at all shiny like in the picture, and the free gift was a pashmina.

herecomesthsun Sat 28-May-11 10:11:04

ooh - does it come up big or small? How warm is it? Is there a hood?

trixymalixy Sat 28-May-11 10:15:01

Pretty true to size. I got my normal size and there's room for a warm jumper.

Has a hood, don't know how warm yet, but the blurb does say that wind is the greatest factor in being cold and that as it's windproof it will be warm.

chickchickchicken Sat 28-May-11 10:43:45

ooo i like it. am tempted. what colour did you get?

SarkyLady Sat 28-May-11 12:22:46


noddyholder Sat 28-May-11 12:23:51

Love it!

TrinityIsAShreddingFatRhino Sat 28-May-11 12:24:38

bargainous!?!?!??!?!?!!? shock

looks lovely though

BelovedCunt Sat 28-May-11 12:27:38

ooooh! can't really justify buying it though.dam your eyes

trixymalixy Sat 28-May-11 22:23:08

I got the noir, which is a lovely blue-black. I tried on the red about a year ago, but didn't buy because if the price, and it was a lovely colour too.

I think it is reasonably bargainous for a proper waterproof coat especially considering the original price.

It was sternly tested at a local car show today, it is at a high up exposed show ground and it was blowing a gale and bucketing down. I was very warm and dry, although it definitely needed another layer under it. It goes right diwn to my knees. I also felt far more stylish than I normally do at these things.

FrancesFarmer Sun 29-May-11 02:28:39

That is lovely although I've already bought two new coats this season so couldn't justify another. smile

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