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Boden - childrens towelling throw on

(4 Posts)
miche8 Mon 03-Jan-11 16:48:04 LU/Boys--Boys-Towelling-Throw-on.html

Has anyone used these for their children on holiday? are they useful? i guess we still need towels so is a towelling poncho just as good and then theres no need for separate towels? I'm also wondering will my boys aged 4 and 8 consider these dresses?

moragdingdongbellingham Mon 03-Jan-11 16:53:27

We use these after every bath time and forgot them for holidayssad. I'd say that they are indispensible for us, but we have girls.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 03-Jan-11 18:14:25

Same here,my younger 2 DD's have them and we use them around the pool abroad and on Cornish beaches.

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 03-Jan-11 19:28:34

Yes I used it in my DD when we went on holiday (9 months at the time). Excellent and will be buying one this year.

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