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What shoes would you wear with this dress...urgent help needed!

(8 Posts)
sammysam Thu 16-Dec-10 14:00:23

We're going to a friends 30th tomorrow night-it'll be the first time i've been out out since having dd2. Realised today that I have absoultely nothing to wear and rushed into town today to find something. Our town is RUBBISH-there is nothing there. Anyway I got this but in black and now have late night shopping to find something to wear on my feet.....what should I be looking for?
Also if you all think the dress is bad i'll be hunting for another dress grin

Menagerie Thu 16-Dec-10 14:27:30

So you need very high street places where you can find stuff easily? M&S, Next? Both cheap with pretty enough classic heels in patents or velvets or diamante. Or LK Bennet if you have one, which has much more beautiful shapes to the heels.

The dress is gorgeous. I'd maybe wear high black boots with it like the Next velvet or micro suede ones, or their patent heels which are in purple, pink, black or nude.

I'd be tempted to wear something sparkly with that dress in black. But I am a slapper when it comes to shoes.

sammysam Thu 16-Dec-10 14:34:12

Thank you.....just about to google.
I live in Dorset-we're very limited-there is nowhere good nearby. Going to try the next nearest 'big' place-Bournemouth tonight but really not much there either. Really should have thought about this earlier!

Clure Thu 16-Dec-10 17:53:57

nice dress, looked at that one myself!! I'd be inclined to wear it with she boots and black opaques, some chunky silver bangles and a bling ring

Clure Thu 16-Dec-10 17:54:23

sorry that first link should have been shoe boots!!

thothefrostwascruelladepoppins Thu 16-Dec-10 18:31:38

Oh my word it is lovely but short - would be a leggings job for me, with knee-high low-heeled or mid-heel boots, or alternatively shoeboots like they have as a suggestion on the site. Have a great time! smile

MayDayChild Thu 16-Dec-10 18:37:25

Top right of page for dress link shows what to put with... They would be perfect
Have nice night out x

traceybath Thu 16-Dec-10 18:40:19

these in black

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