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Sheepskin boots that don't look like Uggs/ Celtic Sheepskin??

(6 Posts)
moonstorm Wed 24-Nov-10 20:58:24

Do they exist? I really want some, but can't bring myself to as I don't like how they look...

Thanks smile

EldritchCleavage Thu 25-Nov-10 12:00:22

Try the Ntural Shoe Store website. That's where I found mine.

EldritchCleavage Thu 25-Nov-10 12:00:35

Sorry, Natural.

moonstorm Thu 25-Nov-10 18:16:05

Thanks smile

3rdnparty Thu 25-Nov-10 18:35:10

Aigle have some lovely grey ones look like suede but sheepskin inside..

duckyfuzz Thu 25-Nov-10 18:42:50

Dune cupcake

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