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Does anyone know if I can still get hold of these ugg boots anywhere?

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longwalk Wed 18-Aug-10 18:49:28

these ones from a couple of years ago

I know it links where to buy but it doesn't IYKWIM. I can't even remenber what they were called but I tried them on and they were fantastically comfy plus looked great over skinny jeans.

SoozleQ Wed 18-Aug-10 23:20:53

Locarno Ugg Boots

Good luck!

longwalk Thu 19-Aug-10 00:02:57

Thank you Soozle. They are exactly what I'm looking for. But they're a size 5 and I need a 7. If anyone knows anywhere that still has a pair, let me know. smile

Sanesometimes1 Thu 19-Aug-10 21:43:00

Watching this thread as I want some too ! fab boots x

nickelly Mon 29-Nov-10 11:39:48

Sure they look kind of big and chunky, but after the way they feel at the end of the day of winter sports, you won't care. I wear them out to the apres-ski lounge or restaurant, I wear them as comfy slippers around the cabin, I wear them while driving long distances. In recent years, ugg boots has improved the tread and sole, so it actually does wear more like real shoe/boot and is reasonably water-resistant for the snow country. If there really is a "con", I'd say it is that you'll want to wear these UGGs all the time (instead of other shoes), because they are so comfy and convenient to pop onto your feet.

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