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Chic- how do the french do it?

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sassy Mon 22-Aug-05 07:51:28

Had a weekend at Eurodisney last week and was struck by the way that the cliche about french women being 'chic' being very true. They all seemed so well turned out/put together etc. (Helped that they were usually pretty thin, but I'd be a lot thinner if I smoked 30 a day.)If you saw a scruffy, dressed for comfort person in a queue, guaranteed to be British or North European. Even the little girls looked great - my dd1 (aged 2y10) is a tomboy and looks scruffy 5 minutes after she's been dressed wth lots of care by me.

I aspire to chic!! I'm quite smart these days but would love to be truly stylish. Any ideas?!

(Frivolous thread, I know!)

MaloryTowers Mon 22-Aug-05 08:35:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hattie05 Mon 22-Aug-05 08:38:44

Yes agree with MT no fashion culture. Its more about dressing to be different, which of course turns out classier than wearing the same skirt as every other woman in the queue

nailpolish Mon 22-Aug-05 09:00:51

ooh, i love french women too. i went to paris for my honeymoon, and was on the metro one day, sitting next to a very handsome man. (dh was standing up next to me) he started chatting in french to me, and i couldnt really understand what he was saying, so i replied (in french) "i dont understand, sorry, im scottish"

he looked shocked, winked at me and said "oh my darling, i thought you were parisien, please excuse me"

ive never had a better compliment

but i think after a few days in paris it had all rubbed off on me. i had been watching the women very closely, and points i picked up were

they carry themselves very well

they buy clothes that suit their shape and age

they eat very small portions, but dont deny themselves anything (glass of wine, piece of chocolate)

they smoke

they have beautiful make up and accessories

they sit in the shade

cod Mon 22-Aug-05 12:38:02

Message withdrawn

EnidfromtheVILLAGE Mon 22-Aug-05 12:39:33

agree with cod

they are not stylish in brittany

whats with all the cropped burgundy hair?

cod Mon 22-Aug-05 12:41:32

Message withdrawn

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