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Dh making things as difficult as DSS's mother

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BrokkenHarted Tue 15-Sep-09 14:14:09

Sorry but i am so upset and frustrated and heartbroken.

My DH is being just as alkward as the boys mum (i am islandlassie and have wrote my situation here before on a thread called (summit like) how you supposed to feel and another one i have forgotten)

This would be that bit easier if DH would just let his ex go on the way she is and him be graceful and symapthetic with her even if she is in the wrong. I just dont understand why people cant try and talk things out. Things have gone very wron in our situation and there is a lot of anger and hurt and i nderstand everyones point of view but DH is making things difficult with me by not even trying to be symapthetic with his ex even thought to be fair to her, her anger is understandable even if a little unreasonable. He doesnt seem to get that i feel for her as a mother myself and AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH.

Sorry i just wanted to rant and cry and scream apparently.

echofalls Sat 19-Sep-09 14:24:53

I'm sorry no-one has responded to you yet on here.

I haven't seen your other thread so don't know your situation. I just wanted to say you sound like a really decent person as you can see both sides of the story which is unusual sometimes in the case of step parenting.

While these two are fighting it out you are stck in the middle, hope it all gets sorted out soon for the sake of the kids and everyone else involved

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