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Dss has gone home & i am actually struggling...

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ScoobyDooooo Mon 03-Sep-07 15:04:24

My dss has been to stay for 1 week, it was a fab time & obviously it was me who had him while dp was at work.

We always have had a very close relationship i have known him since he was 3 over the last couple of years we drifted a bit but when he came back this time the bond was there & i miss him so so much.

I think i find it hard because he has such a terrible life at home & i only wish we could give him the better life.

He has just phoned me to say he is bored & when can he return sad he is staying with dp's parents like he does every holiday as they live 20 mins from him, he also stays there every weekend, if only we lived nearer.

I found it hard sleeping last night.

Anyone else feel like this? how do you get through it?

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