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RunkidsKID Sun 27-Oct-19 16:22:24

My step daughter lives with me and I am divorced from her dad. She isn't asked to pay board, she has a job and goes to college. Am I out of order expecting her to be at home sometimes.
I don't ask much of her just to be home sometimes. She is home the 2 night I am at work as her step brother is only 15.. I just feel like I never see her. What would be your expectations of a 19 year old.

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sassbott Sun 27-Oct-19 19:04:30

She’s 19. She helps you with her stepbrother the two nights a week you work. In her mind she’s helping you Im sure.
If you have expectations of more, then I suggest you talk to her. Would you like one night a week for family dinner? What exactly are your expectations?

When I was 19, I wasn’t staying in if I had a choice. I would be out/ at the gym/ staying over with friends....

OnlineShopping Sun 27-Oct-19 19:06:19

I don’t think many 19 year olds are voluntarily in much but have a chat with her and say you want her to put aside one evening a week or an afternoon at the weekend.

BilboBercow Sun 27-Oct-19 19:16:53

From her pov she works, goes to college and stays home two nights per week. At that age it's really normal to have an active social life and be out a lot.

Why don't you make plans to actually do something together if you want to see her? Otherwise it just sounds like you resent her having a life

RunkidsKID Sun 27-Oct-19 21:57:44

I just think that staying out every night will have an affect on her college work but maybe that's not down to me. Plus sometimes it's nice to have the family together. I don't resent her at all having a life she deserves it, I guess I just feel a little like a hotel.

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