My partner adopting DS... any info?

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littlepeaegg Tue 25-Jun-19 08:50:38


My son is 7, and has never met his biological father. He didn't want anything to do with us and not heard a word since his birth.

He is not on my DS birth certificate, does not pay for maintenance etc.

My DP has been in his life since he was 1. So he's his dad. My DS knows he isn't biologically his as I never want to lie and cover up the fact about bio dad. (Done in an age appropriate way; he wasn't ready to become a dad but you have us and grandad etc etc)

So when the time is right, DP would like to adopt DS. Has anyone done this? Because I can only find info on when the bio dad is involved and he has to sign documents etc.

Any info would be great! Sorry have been a bit vague smile

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Myusernameismud Tue 25-Jun-19 08:52:52

It's much, much easier when the biological parent isn't on the birth certificate. You will still have to go through the same process with social services and court, but if there's no one else with PR it should be fairly straightforward. It's not cheap though, and it's a long process. Good luck.

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