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ladybee28 Wed 30-Jan-19 22:02:06

Just a quick note to the regulars on the step-parenting boards...

I've noticed a lot of posts elsewhere on MN recently that relate to step-parenting-type topics, and where posters have been VILE. Very black-and-white in their thinking, dismissive of the feelings and experiences and nuances of step-parents, and vicious about any setup where the partner of someone with kids doesn't immediately declare undying love for the children and do All Of The Things.

Mostly borne of ignorance, I think – I certainly had no ideas of the intricacies of this stuff until I met my DP – but still, some people can be utterly unforgiving.

When I first moved in with DP, I didn't feel comfortable sharing my emotional rollercoasters about DSS and our relationship with him – but reading the wise, considered advice from some of you lot gave me new ways to think about my own situation, and got me through some very tough moments.

This step-stuff can be incredibly complex sometimes, and I'm struck this evening by how grateful I am that there's a little corner here on MN for those of us in this very unique situation – and that there are some truly smart, empathetic and honest humans floating about here, too.

(Don't get me wrong, I've read some spectacular rubbish written in here too from time to time, but nothing compared to... out there )

So thanks, people, for being great, and for understanding. I really appreciate you.

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user1486915549 Thu 31-Jan-19 06:54:04

I so agree with you ladybee.
I went through very rough times with my DSD, but there is hope !
She is now adult with a child of her own and I have just been having a very sweet FB chat with her.
The MN vipers would have finished me off at the height of our troubles.
I so disagree with the MN attitude that stepchildren come first in every way and want they want they get. That would never had happened if parents had stayed together and just breeds entitled young people who can’t cope in the real world.
Haha...try saying that on the main boards.

Livedandlearned Sat 02-Feb-19 09:54:30

I agree too, reading advice to people in similar situations to me and advice when I've asked for it has been invaluable. I've cried with relief!

Thank you.

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