Access to step daugher with not being with Dad anymore?

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Lexie82 Wed 14-Feb-18 14:47:20

So....I had a relationship with my partner for 10 years, we had child together and he has regular access to his child with me and sees my 2 kids from my previous relationship occasionally too.

He has a daughter from previous relationship who I grew super close over the years we were together and so did my 2 children and I of course then have half sibling of hers as well as my 2 step siblings...

The issue now comes that dad has little very contact time with his first daughter, and doesn't want to give her over to me during his time as I understand and his ex-partner is being super difficult with him.

I would like some contact with his daughter for me, my 2 kids and so she can spend more time with her half sibling. Mum is being less than helpful that is for sure!

Are they any rights at all for me and her half sibling? I am willing to try legal routes if I have to, anything I can do at all to get some access with her and my family 1-2-1 without Dad being present.

Note - Dad has no issue with me having his 1st daughter at all.

Anyone got any experiences?

thanks x

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NorthernSpirit Wed 14-Feb-18 15:42:30

How old is the daughter? If you were together for 10 years, i’m guessing she’s not a young child?

Contact is for the kids, not for parents to decide. If the dad is ok with it then she can have contact on the dads time. If the mother is being difficult about it - is the girl old enough to voice her opinions, wants? If she wants to see her siblings then she should be ‘allowed’ (morally). Not sure where you stand legally.

swingofthings Wed 14-Feb-18 18:01:28

If he sees your children occasionally, can't they and your joint daughter see his first at that time? It's only you who is missing out. If that is the issue, that you want to have contact with her, then unfortunately, there is nothing you can do until she is old enough to do what she wants and arrange contact with you herself.

stitchglitched Wed 14-Feb-18 18:36:10

Step parents can apply for contact. It used to be any adult who had lived with the child or they'd been a 'child of the family' for at least 3 years. The time scale might be different now.

Winteriscoming18 Wed 14-Feb-18 21:33:39

As sad as it is, it’s not your ex’s ex’s fault your relationship broke down. Why should shegive up more of her time with her dd to be divided between you and her ex? It’s completely up to your ex to arrange time for both dcs to spend together and if you wanted to join in that time it has to be on his time. No court would award you contact in your own right.

user1493413286 Thu 15-Feb-18 07:55:19

I’d suggest that your child and DSD have time together with their dad so share at least some of the contacts they both have with him. From a legal point of view I don’t think you have many rights as it would be expected that you should see her when your ex sees her as the previous poster said it’s not her mums fault.
At a guess she must at least be a teenager so could you not keep in contact through mobile phones and do a few meet ups through your ex.

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