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my first :-) dp's third :-/

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iluvmybump Sat 24-Aug-13 18:13:05

Hello everyone. I have joined this site out of desperation. I have no one to talk to. My partner has two boys (4 and 6) and we're about to have our first we have been together 3 years.. I really really wanted a girl to give my partner something new however we found that we are having a boy. I am excited of course and my bf seems pleased also. But I am very insecure and jealous that he already has been through all toddler years and its going to be nothing different to him. I'm scared incase he doesn't feel the same as I do. Its getting to the point where I don't like it when he takes his oldest to karate or football as I feel I don't want him to do too much with his ds and leave some things for our son when he arrives. Ridiculous I know. I know he loves his sons and I worry because of them it will make my baby less special and won't love our ds cos its his third son. Could anyone please put my mind at ease cos anything my partner says just doesn't sink in.

LIZS Wed 25-Sep-13 16:56:48

If you got together when his dc were 1 and 3 there are plenty of experiences that he won't have shared in the intervening years and probably even before, depending how hands on he was or was allowed to be. You can't anticipate what your dc will enjoy but I'm sure they will find some activities to share with your dp and his half siblings and maybe find a niche of their own.

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