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what happen if you don't pop a pimple?

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ICJump Tue 12-Apr-16 05:13:58

I mean besides hell freezing over. What happens to the pus?

ChampagneCommunist Tue 12-Apr-16 22:38:05

I guess it gets reabsorbed into your body?

MimsyBorogroves Tue 12-Apr-16 22:59:18

It doesn't fulfil its destiny? MN cries?

I've never left one. on myself or DH

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Tue 12-Apr-16 23:02:44

It sits on my face. For a long time. Most of my spots are terribly unsqueezeable angry

thenightsky Tue 12-Apr-16 23:04:15

oh wow.

I never knew we had a Sporners Corner board shock

Love it! grin

cuntycowfacemonkey Tue 12-Apr-16 23:06:24

An angel doesn't get their wings sad

VenusRising Tue 12-Apr-16 23:07:50

A fairy dies.

Actually they stay as solid sore little or big cystic lumps until you have to prod them into action again.

ScarletForYa Tue 12-Apr-16 23:11:58

It stays in the pore and goes rancid and hard. Then it's a blackhead. This is very bad because it stretches out the pore making it all saggy and baggy, even if you get the blackhead out. <made up science>

So you have to squeeze you see. Very urgently.

EBearhug Tue 12-Apr-16 23:13:12

Depends - the ones on my back when I'm not feeling flexible enough seem to dry out, and then just rub off.

Wouldn't know about any I can reach, tbh.

steppemum Tue 12-Apr-16 23:19:49

some come to a head and pop. They may then refill and re-pop until they clear up.

some stay as lumps under the skin and then fade away

Fink Tue 12-Apr-16 23:19:57

They end up in one of two ways:
1. Get scratched when going about normal life and end up bleeding & oozing simultaneously.
2. Get buried with their owner, who dies of shame with all the people pointing and laughing at the huge unsqueezed spots.

In reality, they just go away on their own, eventually.

Wombat87 Wed 13-Apr-16 00:01:58

If I don't squeeze mine (they have a quick turnaround so red spot at night and then I wake and sometimes find...) a hard lump. It's quite unsatisfying to be honest. Just comes out hard.

I had a pimple on my ear lobe once. Squeezed it and I heard it go pop. I've never had one their since. I remember it well.

I wax-down there- so get a good fix of hairs that the follicle has given up on and just pops out with a light pinch. Or occasionally I'll get a decent In growing hair to play with. Thankfully i don't seem to scar!!

IvyLeaf Wed 13-Apr-16 00:15:54

You DIE.

ICJump Wed 13-Apr-16 00:29:49

See I knew I should have popped my cheek pimple. Stupid OH. Now angles with out wings are killing fairies and I've just got a stupid hard lump.

I going to a photo shoot in Friday. What can I do to get rid if the red bump?

Destinysdaughter Wed 13-Apr-16 00:51:09

Now that's a whole other thread...!smile

Wombat87 Wed 13-Apr-16 09:11:50

IC - toothpaste on it overnight helps mine! The floride ones!

Arfarfanarf Fri 15-Apr-16 09:55:32

Your face falls off.

It's horrible. Painful. Terrible.

You owe it to your face to take action now.

VenusRising Sat 16-Apr-16 02:55:06

Use a steroid cream to take inflammation down before the iPhoto shoot. Make sure the lights aren't shining at an angle so it looks like you've grown a nose bud on your face grin

But personally I think better out than in and I'd go at it with a hot flannel, making sure to give it a squeeze with gentle rotation, cover it in magnesium sulphate paste and a splash of hibiscrub. If it comes to a head again, be sure to be ruthless! <and take photos>

If you want to leave it, you may have a lump there forever <shudders> And you may find that people talk to it instead of looking at your -norks, as happens to me- eyes!

gingerboy1912 Sat 16-Apr-16 17:34:50

I wouldn't know it's never happened to me

We won't love you. And you'll never be elected MN Queen of All Spornia*.

(*That's not a thing, but it should be.)

originalmavis Sat 16-Apr-16 19:35:22

I had a big lump on my shoulder for years. It was the size of a pea, skin coloured, no 'head'... It was just a lump.

Then one day I gave it a good squeeze.

Imagine jumping on a full tube of toothpaste with the lid off. It left a wee hole too.

makeitpink Sat 16-Apr-16 21:35:48

Omg original that sounds amazing!!

Floggingmolly Sat 16-Apr-16 21:39:24

It doesn't turn into a blackhead; blackheads come first. Dd gets a huge blackhead in her ear every so often, in exactly the same place. Won't let anyone touch it, but eventually it gets really red and inflamed, and bingo - blackhead disappears...

EBearhug Sat 16-Apr-16 23:38:33

I've had a small lump just by my ear for ages, which is difficult to get at, and nothing much has happened when I have tried.

This afternoon (instead of revising for an exam), I had another go, and a thick worm of yellowy gunk came, and kept coming. No lump any more. It was most satisfying.

So I still don't know what happens if you never pop it.

ICJump Thu 21-Apr-16 10:35:26

That is a great story original

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