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LucyBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 15-Jul-21 09:15:59

Many parents will recognise feeling out of their depth when it comes to helping their kids with science, technology, engineering and maths homework. In a recent poll of parents with children aged 5 to 13, a third of parents said the mere thought of having to help their children with anything related to these subjects left a third ‘feeling ill’. Half openly admitted they know less about science than their children - and the same goes for technology (44%), engineering (25%) and maths (38%).*

The IET is looking to inspire children and their parents to explore the wonderful world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) this summer at their free online Engineering Open House Day (EOHD) live event on Friday 23rd July between 10am and 3pm.

They’ll be showcasing stories and experiments that illustrate why STEM is such a fascinating topic and providing inspiration for the next generation of astronauts, marine biologists, app creators and engineers. All the fun interactive activities, tutorials and experiments will then be available to dip back into throughout the summer holidays on their website.

Here’s what the IET have to say: “Engineering Open House Day aims to help children aged 5–13 year-olds and their parents understand what it’s like to work in STEM by giving exclusive behind the scenes access to a huge range of organisations to demonstrate the breadth of creative and innovative careers on offer. There’s discussions, games, demonstrations and competitions to keep your children entertained for 5 whole hours and more! So in that spirit - and in the hope of giving you some inspiration for conversations with your own DC - we’d love to hear what you’d like to learn more about in the wonderful world of STEM.“

What does your child learn about at school that you’d like to know more about? Are there things you wish you were taught or would like to refresh your memory on? Has the difference between proper and improper fractions escaped you, making maths homework a weekly challenge? Perhaps science was never your strong point but you’d like to understand how the technology we encounter every day really works?

If you need a bit of inspiration, have a look at the list of activities, talks and behind-the-scenes visits taking place for Engineering Open House Day here. There’s something for children (and adults) of all ages and interests, including the opportunity to design and create your own app with Apple and learning how to build and launch your very own rocket.

Everyone who comments on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

*Find out more about this research, click here

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awonderfuladventure Sat 17-Jul-21 18:30:44

Pretty much everything! Spanish as I never studied it but would love to now. Technology and how things work, how science is used in real life eg creating life saving vaccines!

CatRatSplat Sat 17-Jul-21 22:34:29

Phonics! 🤣 I have no clue being taught "letter land". Videos don't make it clearer to me either. Also the new way of learning spellings.

ButterflyOfFreedom Sat 17-Jul-21 22:47:17

Coding! I have zero clue on this. Obviously things were very different when I was at school. Now my DC are programming Beebots and using Scratch etc. I've no idea!!!!

ifigoup Sun 18-Jul-21 06:33:13

I’m quite enjoying re-learning maths alongside my 5yo. I’ve always thought I don’t have a maths brain, but maybe this time round it will stick.

PashleyB Sun 18-Jul-21 13:49:53

My lack of grammatical knowledge is now problematic and so I definitely need to learn some basic rules given the focus on this at primary school. Also coding as I honestly have no idea!

LivingDeadGirlUK Sun 18-Jul-21 16:24:11

The new was of teaching maths baffles me even though I have an engineering degree!


Gazelda Sun 18-Jul-21 20:55:22

Reading music. I'd love to be able to help DD with her practice, but it's another language!

everybodysang Mon 19-Jul-21 10:03:10

gosh this looks absolutely brilliant - we've got a day out planned then which is a shame as my 10 year old DD would love this. I'm signing up anyway in case plans change/we can check anything out afterwards?

I'd love to know more about maths and the way she does it at school. I wasn't great at maths anyway and if home schooling has shown me one thing, it's that year 5 is about my limit for maths. I don't know if I'll understand anything as she moves up in school and I'd love to be able to help her.

She's also an absolute whizz at coding and I have attended a few workshops with her, so kind of understand what's going on but I'd like to know more about that too.

LittleDeeAndME Mon 19-Jul-21 12:25:23

I would love to know the techniques for long devision - it's unlike anything I remember at school and seems very complicated

lovemyflipflops Mon 19-Jul-21 12:27:04

My youngest has dyscalculia - and would love to know the best techniques of helping him with maths (he is 8)

ChocolateHoneycomb Mon 19-Jul-21 12:27:17

1. Coding. Absolutely NO idea despite having worked through a basic online guide once.
2. My kids seem to learn different maths methods to those I did at school, which is a challenge when help find them.
3. Anything that would help with French.

Montydoo Mon 19-Jul-21 12:29:02

I would like to understand the Nth degree and how that is worked out - DS1 has just covered this at school (it's not something I remember from school and have and O Level maths) thank you.

lovemyflipflops Mon 19-Jul-21 12:31:13

I'd love to learn about Coding - my boys both love this and are really good at this part of the curriculum but it's totally alien to me - but it seems really interesting to learn and then help them with any homework they have.

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 19-Jul-21 18:17:54

Coding. I think it would be a very useful skill to have and looks really interesting. wish I'd taken more things up at school.

ladygoingGaga Mon 19-Jul-21 23:13:41

I would love a refresh on Grammar, I have become too reliant lazy on computers.
I have forgotten simple rules and what is needed where. Ashamed to say my DS could proof read any of my reports and improve it grammaticallyblush

Tenohfour Tue 20-Jul-21 01:50:35

Coding. Even toys aimed at toddlers refer to coding and I just don't understand what it is all about. Dd talks about coding all the time, and her school report said that she had a great grasp of early coding concepts. It sounds super, and I'm very proud of her but I'd love to know exactly what this means and how you teach it to young kids. I always thought I was quite tech savvy... blush

pushchairprincess Tue 20-Jul-21 09:14:24

Fractions and decimals and how to convert one to the other - I'd love to be able to master this and then help my children with their homework

ApplesandCustard Tue 20-Jul-21 15:26:08

I would definitely say Maths, especially the methods taught in Primary schools. Quite often, I'll try and help but my DS says that the way I have explained is confusing because its so different to the way he was shown. Also I have always felt that Maths in general went over my head!

wellingtonsandwaffles Tue 20-Jul-21 23:20:57

So much general knowledge I have forgotten, ancient history is fascinating the things he comes out with, sign language, french, loads !!

EvilHerbivore Wed 21-Jul-21 10:48:57

Coding definitely. Or french. Basically not good at anything that isn't English words!

hannahbjm Wed 21-Jul-21 13:16:09

They new way of maths i really struggle with when trying to help my son with homework. I can get the right answer but not the way my son is taught to calculate so It is really hard trying to explain my method as I dont want to confuse him!

littlecottonbud Wed 21-Jul-21 14:41:52

there is so much, coding, long division and multiplication and fractions (and generally now they are taught the method at school rather than the way I was taught)

fishnships Wed 21-Jul-21 18:00:33

I'd like to know more about physics and chemistry. Because I never 'took' those subjects at school my knowledge on the subjects is sparse and my kids know more than I do. I'd quite like to redress the balance.

iluvnettletea Wed 21-Jul-21 18:33:58

History and classics

CopperPan Wed 21-Jul-21 21:38:59

I would like to know more about maths, especially how it is done in schools now. Very different to how I was taught!

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