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Tourettes and work/education

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sharron6970 Fri 18-Mar-16 09:56:58

Hi, my daughter is 17, has Tourette's and wanting to take an apprenticeship next year. Firstly, she has many tics of which she has gained somewhat control over. She does have a problem with mixing with people, and I do worry how she will get on in the world of work. She is currently at our local college studying media and in September will be studying computer programming. However, she is wanting to do an apprenticeship next year. When do we start looking for an apprenticeship, and will they discriminate against her because of her special needs?

She is also desperate to earn some money, but as a lone parent, if she starts any kind of work, even a few hours on a weekend or an apprenticeship I will lose my tax credits, and HB/CTX help as well. She understands my concerns, but she needs money of her own as well. Just to throw a spanner in the works, I start work at the beginning of April, working 30 hours per week, very worried about all of this. Don't know where to turn! : -( x

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