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SlumberingDormouse Fri 28-Jun-13 14:53:07

My DP is wondering whether he might have adult ADD/ADHD after a disappointing result in his uni finals, but I am sceptical. He has a few symptoms of the 'inattentive' side of ADHD but these mainly centre around disorganisation in his daily life, e.g. chores. Despite this he DOES manage to get forms in on time, do his washing etc after some procrastination. He also managed to do his work at uni, again after some procrastination but not as bad as some people I know. He doesn't seem to have any problems concentrating when he gets down to something, whether work or play.

Am I being unreasonable to think he may be searching for a reason why he did less well at uni than expected? I pointed out to him that most people - whether they have ADHD or not - need to develop ways of organising themselves and work hard on it over time. This did not go down well with my DP, who says he wants diagnosis and treatment. But treatment may well consist partly/entirely of this sort of cognitive behavioural therapy, even if he does get a diagnosis.

What do you all think? Any advice? I want to support him but am very sceptical that he actually has ADHD.

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