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OCD? Autistic?

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prettyone Thu 28-Feb-13 14:01:33

My DS, almost 13, severally dyslexic, has started to become obsessed about getting virusis on his computer. He worries when pop up windows appear on the screen and doesnt know if they could contain a virus. ( I know nothing about computers so cant help!)
Whilst not on the computer, he continually worries about it all the time, and needs to check that there isn't one.
This is effecting his school work. He cant concentrate on the lesson, as he is continually worrying about his computer. His teachers have noticed he has become quieter and no longer joins in with class discussions.
He is frightened and doesn't know why he is "different".
I know he will always find things to worry about. But does anyone have ideas on how he can cope with his fears? Thanks x

peekyboo Fri 15-Mar-13 20:01:36

OCD is often a way to cope with the world as you can, kind of, control what you are obsessed with, or focus on it instead of the rest of your life. Has he always had these tendencies and they're not becoming more obvious or do they seem to be out of the blue?
It may be worth some counselling, unless he can open up to you or other people close to him. It could also be part of some wider issue, such as him being on the spectrum, as these things do often go together.
It is all coinciding with a time in his life when his hormones are probably all over the place too, so that won't help!

prettyone Sat 16-Mar-13 19:51:40

thanks for your reply peekyboo. His school have suggested that he might be on the spectrum. We are in the process of completing a CAF, and then a psychologist can visit him at school.
Everything seems to take for ever, we want help now!
DS use to get worked up about his toys. He would buy duplicates if he liked them eg spud guns, foam aeroplanes the plastic parachute men and he tells me he would worry about them whilst at school, in case they would get broken. I didn't realise how worked up he was getting.
His fear of down loading viruses and pop up windows is getting worse. He is often in tears and trying to reassure him doesn't seem to help. He understands his fears are not rational which only makes him more up set.
He is depressed and stressed out as I am and my DH. He believes that what ever he starts to like and get into, he will then get this fear on that. He says the fear is a feeling/voice that argues with him.
Counselling does seem to be the best option, but we are told there is a long waiting list.
We would like someone to help give him/us coping strategies for keeping his fears at bay. Any advice very welcome x

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