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Possible issues need advice please

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Kleinzeit Fri 14-Sep-12 15:35:53

Well, you’re the Mum and if you are starting to feel concerned then you probably do have a reason. WHat do his school think? You might want to raise your concerns (gently) with a teacher who knows him, see if they’ve noticed anything.

The things you describe - oddity, lack of common sense, inability to mix with others and the need for extremely literal instructions - sound potentially Aspie-ish, but of course we can’t do a remote diagnosis smile Have you read up about Asperger’s Syndrome and do you think he might fit some of the characteristics?

dsconcerns Wed 12-Sep-12 19:48:28


dsconcerns Wed 12-Sep-12 15:32:27


Have nc as a few people know who i am in RL
i am concerned about DC1 who is 13

I have always thought he was just a little different and not thought much of it, but its starting to concern me. He is very clever but appears to have no common sense at all. He is unable to mix with people at school and even his own family.
He is very solitry and introverted
Needs to be given a clear instruction, ie if i say start clearing the table, he will just start but not actually do it, as i said start.

Do any of you see that i have a need for concern at all?

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