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Dyslexia and processing skills for Aspergers boy

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chrisolisam Fri 27-Jan-12 20:53:23

My son has Aspergers and I have requested that he is tested for processing skills as he takes a long time to read,write and sometimes talk despite being quite bright. He told me today that he had had part of the test and showed me the paper that allowed him out of class, on that piece of paper it said he was being tested for Dyslexia - are the two tied together? What questions should I be asking? I am so pleased that they are checking out his processing skills at last, but would they only be looking for Dyslexia? He is 12 years old FYI.

Oblomov Fri 27-Jan-12 21:35:54

When was he diagnosed AS? I only ask because I am sad that they are only now, as you say 'at last', checking his processing skills. I detect a fight, am I right? Ds was diagnosed AS at 7. They tried to refuse me an EP assessment, but I insisted, anb his processing skills were checked then. Why is the processign only now being assessed?

chrisolisam Fri 27-Jan-12 22:32:28

He was diagnosed only 2 years ago, after many years of trying to get help. He was diagnosed at CAMHS and I was not aware that they could do any other tests, my initial question when I felt things were wrong (when he was 6) was 'has he got dyslexia', someone 'tested' him at school and I was told all was absolutely fine, so no more was said until the social skills started to cause problems in the playground. His primary school were not very helpful at all with helping him although I had pointed out that he was having difficulty with speed of reading and writing, and I was hoping that secondary would be better. When he started at the secondary a year and a half ago I asked for his processing skills to be tested but I was told it only happened two years in, it was only in a passing conversation with the head of SEN that I was told it was possible to check earlier 'if I really wanted it', so of course I said I did. I am beginning to wonder what else I should be checking on - his sister is also showing signs of AS/ADHD, but CAMHS have said that this is not her diagnosis, how much can one question these people?! You are right, I will fight as much as I can, but I need to know more about what to fight for.

Oblomov Sat 28-Jan-12 11:00:41

I SOOOOOOO know what you mean. Re not knowing what I'm fighting for. I need help, and ds needs help, the only trouble is I don't know what. I can't ask, because I don't know what I'm asking for.
Ds's school is crap, totally unsupportive and nigh on tried to prevent me getting a diagnosis. They have done almost nothing since, apart from putting him on a meaningless IEP.
Have you got an appointment with a paed? Once CAMHS diagnosed ds, that was it, end of. So I went back to paed and said, 'yeah, what now?'.
I'm sorry I don't really know anyhting about dyslexia. Maybe others on here can help you with what assessments you should be geting.
But I would start off demanding a FULL EP asssessemnt. One should have been done already, once he was diagnosed as AS.
What support, if any is he actually getting? And this assessment that is being done now, what is the name of that?
Its obviously not your fault, but it sounds like a right mess,and that you are being fobbed off at every turn.
Don't worry, we all know how that feels!!

chrisolisam Sat 28-Jan-12 19:33:07

It is so good to speak to someone who knows where I am coming from. We have never seen a paed, should I ask for that, who would I go through? You mention an EP assessment - what does EP stand for? He is on the mild side of Aspergers, he gets no help at school, although he had a TA with him for the first two weeks to help him settle in, he seems to be coping ok most of the time although he always has something to complain about to me. I will have to try and find out on Monday what on earth they are actually testing him for, maybe dyslexia is tested as part of the processing skills issues. It will be interesting to find out more though, the more I know the more I think I need to know! My DS had an IEP at primary but it was totally useless and included asking him to look people in the eyes! Secondary do not do them apparently, but am not so worried about that having seen the ones done at Primary, just want to get the best help he can get. Thanks for reading my rants!

iwanttoscream Wed 01-Feb-12 09:25:37

ep is an educational psychologist

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