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Wanting advice on Asperger's and University Applications please

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pannetone Fri 21-Jan-11 21:28:20

My DS has a diagnosis of Asperger's and will be applying to university this autumn. I wanted to know how others have coped with the application process and the question of disclosure. I think I would need to disclose for DS as he will require at least mentoring type support.

DS also has diagnosis of 'severe anxiety disorder' and takes medication. He gets rest breaks and extra time concessions in exams. Will universities make any concessions for him in terms of the grades for a conditional offer? Or are the exam concessions he already has deemed to make it a 'level playing field'?

Any advice/experiences appreciated thanks.

WetAugust Sat 22-Jan-11 22:59:57

Hi Pannetone

My DS (has same 2 dx's as years) is in his 3rd year at Uni so we've been through the process.

You'll need an Ed Pysch report done since he was 16. With that you can apply to your local Council for Disabled Students Allowance.

The Council will fund an assessment of his full needs at Uni. the assessor can be the Diasability Team from the Uni, a NAS assessor or anyone else qualified. I used the Uni's own Disability team as they would be familiar with the sorts of problems he may fact at that Uni.

The assessors will write a report sttaing what he he will require. That can be equipment: laptop, printer. dictaphone etc. help getting around the campus, 1:1 support in lessons etc. Anything at all that he requires to help him study. Mine gets extra 25% time in exmas and an exam roonm of hid own.

The assessors report is then sent to the Local Authority for them to agree to fund it. (I queried what would happen if they disagreed with the level of support but was told they had never had an instance of the LA refusing).

DS received the equipment before start of course and continues to receive support and mentoring.

Is your son planning to live on campus? If so, does he claim DLA? If he does he'll be enetitled to Housing Benefit on campus.

DS's grades wre below those the Uni normally required. I wrote to the Uni pointing out that his severe anxisety had adversely impacted his A level results and that because of inability to live independently he had to go to the local Uni - so unless they would admit him he would not be able to study at HE.

They gave him a place and he's predicted to gte a 2.1

Definitely disclose evrything. You'll find there is excellent support and understanding.

Best wishes

pannetone Sun 23-Jan-11 14:56:49

Thanks for the reply WetAugust - I had re-posted in Education after a day without replies - then found several there and yours here.

DS has never had an Ed Pysch report done. (He was diagnosed a couple of years ago.)Should I be asking for this to be done now, before he makes his Application this autumn? Have not claimed DLA for DS yet. Have actually just sent for form. I know that now DS is 16 he will be claiming 'for himself'.

Is your DS living at home while he attends the local uni? I'm finding it hard to judge whether DS will manage to live on campus or not. I suppose it would depend on the type of support he had. I need to find out more about this - don't know what could be provided. DS would certainly need a mentor type person who was more or less always available to sort him out in a panic - like we've done as parents! It's not too often and can often be talked through, but the need is definitely there.

Interested in what you say about the uni accepting him with lower than usual grades. Did your DS apply once he had results or on the basis of predicted grades? Aniexty is likely to affect DS's grades - even with the exam concessions. Can't find anything on-line that suggests unis may be willing to take this into account when making offers. Yet a 'standard' offer would seem to discriminate against DS - he is already anxious about exams and a conditional offer will raise that anxiety.

WetAugust Sun 23-Jan-11 16:41:00

Hi Pannetone

I've PM'd you to keep some of the details of my son's situation confidential.

It should be in your Inbox

ReclaimingMyInnerPeachy Sun 23-Jan-11 16:44:15

I would contact the universities you are applying for tbh.

I know at ours (am doing an MA) undergrads in all subjects with an ASD dx are supported by a central eprson and they get study support, time if needed, mentoring- it's only available if they prove their dx though.

BusyBodd Wed 29-Jun-11 18:38:13

My son is also going to Uni and has an ASD diagnosis - he's applying for the Disabled Students Allowance which has already been described by WetAugust. A dyslexic friend told us about various technological aids she has got: A dictation machine that records lectures and also allows the student to make notes that connect to the recording, organisation software that enables the student to write down all their ideas for an essay as a mind map than work on different sections and redo them in the non-linear way that many ASD people work, and a computer to use because of his apalling handwriting. The amount available with the DSA is a bit over £5K and it will cover this technology and a certain number of hours support from the special needs team at the Uni. He'll also get extra time for exams etc.

I wish I'd know about the Mindmap software earlier - I would have bought it myself for him years ago - what a pity the school didn't know!!!!

Kladdkaka Thu 14-Jul-11 10:18:11

There is also software so you can speak you mind to your computer rather than typing it. Some aspies (like me) find it easier to say the answer to a question than to write it. Somewhere in between the thought and the fingers the message goes astray, to the gob is a more direct route.

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