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Dd1 has spent the night in hospital....

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eidsvold Wed 27-Jul-05 22:47:43

Am sure dh brought it on - no not really. He was commenting that the numbers of A n E visits were up lately and they all seemed to be for respiratory issues. ( Part of his job to analyse the figures etc.) SUggested we keep an eye on dd1 in case she has another bout of croup.

Well... go to bed at 11 last night - all is fine - at 12 dd1 has a bad dose of croup. Took her to the hospital.... ( jsut won't muck around with it) They gave her adrenalin and have admitted her for observation. Dh stayed the night with her and I am just waiting to hear what is happening. Whether I go and get her and him and how she went. Hopefully she had a better night after she had the adrenalin and medication.

WOnder how many more of these we are going to see - funnily she never had a bout of croup whilst in the UK!!.

marthamoo Wed 27-Jul-05 22:48:44

Oh poor dd - croup is so scary. I hope they let her come home and that she's much better.

coppertop Wed 27-Jul-05 22:49:50

Poor dd1. I hope she's home and well asap.

Socci Wed 27-Jul-05 22:53:43

Message withdrawn

soapbox Wed 27-Jul-05 22:57:13

Eidsvold - sorry if its a bit too obvious, but are you sure it is croup and not an allergic reaction to something???

In any case, I hope she feels better soon

Blossomhill Thu 28-Jul-05 00:16:30

Poor dd1 eidsvold

Really hope she is home and well very soon

Blossom xxxxxx

chonky Thu 28-Jul-05 00:19:41

Eidsvold - I hope your dd is feeling better soon.

Chonky x

eidsvold Thu 28-Jul-05 01:55:12

they gave her another dose of steriods and another bout of the nebuliser and let us bring her home with the instruction to give her lots of fluids..... she was looking a lot better when I got to dh's office.... sitting perched up on his desk, ate her toast and vegemite and gulped down her juice....

definitely croup - she had the barky cough and all that stuff.. she had been a bit sooky the last couple of days so she could have had a touch of some coldy virus or something but with her limited language - she can't tell us anything.

As a consolation - we got tickets to WIGGLES!!! I missed out on the first release and they are doing another concert and I managed to get tickets!!!!!!

jenkins88 Thu 28-Jul-05 02:06:35

I'm so glad she's home eidsvold. Her appetite certainly sounds healthy enough .

Congratulations on the 'Wiggles' tickets. BTW, sorry if I'm being really dim, but what is 'Wiggles?

eidsvold Thu 28-Jul-05 04:14:20

thanks for all your messages of concern - she did sound dreadful - that horrid seal cough and then the really noisy inhale.... she still is wheezy but the doc seemed happy with her.

Wiggles are a kids group - very popular.... and they sing fab songs - very hig energy. The four concerts they originally released sold out sooooo quickly that I missed out last time but now dd1 and her little friend who also has sn will be there bopping away!!!

bobbybob Thu 28-Jul-05 04:57:46

Well done on getting Wiggles tickets.

geekgrrl Thu 28-Jul-05 06:31:27

oh dear, hope she feels better soon, croup is so nasty.

Must say - it does make me slightly better about being able to move to Oz - I kept thinking that all of dd's respiratory issues are all down to the cr*p weather here and would be magically cured by the good weather there. It makes it a bit easier knowing that this wouldn't have been the case!

Davros Thu 28-Jul-05 09:45:15

Sorry to hear this Eidsvold, hope she feels better.

coppertop Thu 28-Jul-05 12:05:55

I'm glad dd1 is home again - and soon to be enjoying the Wiggles.

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