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Improving communication skills, Mizmiz are you about?

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louismama Tue 19-Jul-05 19:31:43

Hi, wandered if you could offer some advise re ds. Highly suspected to be asd but enduring the endless wait for cdc assessment 6/12months. When organising initial assessment by cdc rep. i asked the centre he attends (we live in spain mostly) for global stim. theraphy for an evaluation of ds his progress/development etc. was shocked and saddened when they said his expressive language is 7months and receptive 6months! Hes just turned 2 and assmt. was couple of months ago. Ive been singing nursery rhymes at bathtime, using two word sentences, looking at photo books with him, encouraging turn taking sharing food. roll ball. row the boat etc. have bought baby bumble bee videos (which he loves) and was pleased when he said cat but have to say it comes out very robbotic and slow just like in the video CAAAT not at all like his babble which does sound like a conversation. Was advised by his centre to buy Hanen -It takes two to talk (before asd suspicions on my behalf but not theirs) and am a bit peed off because money it tight and i dont think its all that relevent to ds who definately "has his own agenda" and think I should have got More than words instead. Would you recommend it? Not to say it didnt open my eyes to waiting and giving him time to respond etc. but for kids like ds it says wait until they are engaged or interested - long wait. Please can you give me some suggestions/ new ideas worthwhile reading material or aids. Anything to stop "this is the way we wash your back"(to the tune of here we go round the mulberry bush) going round and round in my head!
Im getting a bit demoralised of late. We have dada with discrimination sometimes Mom mom only is times of crisis and I THINK cat and cup appropriately. Babble is very lovely tararadada, goddiegoodie lots of constanents (spelling!)but mostly just for his own enjoyment not directed at anyone. I think he really WANTS to communicate now ( he will give kisses, brush my hair etc. feed teddy with prompt, all of which he wouldnt/couldnt do previously) he stop purses his lips makes as if he wants to say something then reverts back to tried and tested babble. We have introduced Photos to explain when doing something now, worked well for first week now seems uninterested. Thanks in advance if youve took the time to read this.

shey Tue 19-Jul-05 23:12:36

not any real advice.....we use pecs at home, that might be something to look into...
Thinking of you...

beccaboo Tue 19-Jul-05 23:23:29

A couple of things we did that really worked:

Keep up a running commentary on what he's doing/what you're doing/what's happening when he's playing. Keep it short and very specific - eg. coat on....hat door.

Making choices. Offer him two things (preferably things he really likes) and try to get him to tell you which one he wants - juice or milk? apple or banana? doll or teddy? Holding the objects up near your face can encourage eye contact if that's an issue.

Ds' language didn't develop the way I expected. He had only a handful of nouns, and then one day he opened his mouth and counted from one to ten. . He was obviously absorbing a lot more than I'd realised.

Bethron Wed 20-Jul-05 07:22:10

Message withdrawn

mizmiz Wed 20-Jul-05 16:55:32

Hi louismama...
Sorry to hear you are running short of inspiration. It is hard sometimes. I will answer this properly (tonight hopefully) when I can tghink about it poperly-impossible at present!


mizmiz Thu 21-Jul-05 11:31:44

Important thing is that you have recognised the need for extra stimulation. Things sound as if they are going well (babble and general interaction.)

Not sure if asking people to read Hanen manules without the back up of a course is a good idea. A lot of people like 'Baby Talk' very much-written by a highly respected (and sadly deceased salt.)
I would consider pursuing something for its 'activity' worth rather than its language worth. The language will develop around the situation in a much more natural way then. Swimming (splashing,cold,kicking,ready 123,under we go,dring,towel and so on) cooking,gardening,sandpit.
Do you take part in any activity/play groups? They provide purposeful semi structured stimulation.

Baby signing very much in vogue at present and very useful (just run a course myself along with a music therapist-amazed at how much 'my' 6-18 month old NT babies came on in a global sense over 6 sessions!) If you can't access a course,I would highly recomment 'Sing&Sign' (video/dvd available through website fun and the creator is really on the ball.

Do you have other children over? Would suggest maybe just one or two (non dominating) similar aged ones so that you can hear and be stimulated by the mother/child interaction in that sense.

My music therapist colleague (who is very much on my wavelength) speaks very highly of the Bby Mozart/Einstein stuff. Not familiar myself,but trust her judgement.

Feeling loved,secure and knowing that someone is interested in everything you say and do is the best 'remedy' to encourage language in a delayed child. Won't always 'work' 100% with more complex comm. disorders but you do sound as if you are on the right track.

At the risk of csounding pompous,if you do a search,i have attempted to give similar advice to other posters which you may find useful.

Hope this helps.

beccaboo Thu 21-Jul-05 21:40:21

My ds absolutely loved the Baby Einstein videos. You can also get flash cards and glove puppets that go with them, so you can make them more interactive.

louismama Fri 22-Jul-05 00:00:52

Hi thanxs Mizmiz for the reassuring moral boost, have a friend who has the baby einstein videos will ask to borrow over the summer. Signing is something that keeps being mentioned Makton infact by BIBIC at the telephone interview, only thing is obviously i cant do a course being in spain would it be possible to "go it alone" do you think? Would it work for ds as he wont/cant point or wave bye bye or is it just for improving receptive language to begin with? Sing and sign sounds like alot more fun would it be compatable? What I mean is if i can get hold of a video and work with it over the summer if we need to take up makaton after BIBIC assessment would it follow on? Do mother and toddler group once week (would like to go more but clashes with louis classes) although its finished until after the summer same goes for friends with nt kids all back in uk for aug. Sorry to hit you with more questions, & will keep up lots of Louis time.

louismama Fri 22-Jul-05 00:47:50

Thanx for replies all. Hi, Beccaboo yep doing all of the above but nice to hear from you, you are always so good posting on my threads thanx. Hows ds still going from strengh to strengh I hope. Is the diet still going strong? We had our first exp. of other kids with ice creams the other day Im hoping ds is like your ds and absorbing lots for the futre.

Bethron, weve had no s&l support at all, awaiting salt ass in uk, when we went for audiology test she even said "so whats all this about him not talking hes not even two yet" By the end of the appt. she said its his attention isnt it. The language issue worrries me sick being exposed to spanish alot is he just getting too confused? Im trying to use both health systems to their best at the moment who knows where well be in a years time.

Advise to you is just repetition, use the same short phrases everyday, and keep language very simple and slow but with lots of enthusiasm as if i just chatter along normally with ds you can just see him switch off. Also ds loves the baby bumble bee videos which if nothing else are very calming and guilt free tv whilst i do some chores keep us posted on ds's progress.

Davros Fri 22-Jul-05 10:38:54

Agree with mizmiz about doing something for its activity worth rather than language worth. I'm convinced this is how DS developed such good receptive language. In his ABA prog we didn't "work" specifically on language alone but on lots of other things that, of course, involved language so he was being exposed and learning all the time. Mizmiz's Baby signing and Music Therapy sessions sound wonderful, they'd go down a storm anywhere, a new product?
You can buy a video from the Makaton website and various books etc so I'd get onto that anyway, regardless of BIBIC.

mizmiz Fri 22-Jul-05 12:53:33

louismamI mentioned would give you a great start. Really fun and simple and comes with a great little booklet. Don't worry too much about the bilingual environment.Most of the world is bilingual remember. Just stick to the one person one language rule.

(I am actually working on my own sing/sign video with a musician. I really rate music and music therapy in facilitating communication especially in complex cases. Any baby music groups near you?)

mizmiz Fri 22-Jul-05 12:54:47

Oops,lost a bit there. meant to write that the video I mentioned would be a great gentle intro to signing-order via website and watch/do it with the child obviously.

louismama Fri 22-Jul-05 18:21:22

Thanx both for suggestions, totally know what you mean louis's behaviour is so much better if we do high interest activities beach/swimmimg/park being a sahm ill try to make the most of the opportunities over the summer while we dont have the commitments of his classes to attend. Will ask around about baby music classes out here definately one close to where parents live when we are back in uk so will try to squeeze a couple in in sept anyway.

Davros spoke to louis therapist today she is going to give me a cd rom of the signs they are already using a little with Louis, as apparently spanish sign language is slightly different again, will start there i think to offer a little consistency and see how we get on. Thanx again will let you know how its going.

Davros Fri 22-Jul-05 19:16:51

Sounds more positive

beccaboo Sat 23-Jul-05 01:03:36

Hi Louismama, haven't seen you around much lately . Yes, ds is doing great thanks - been on the diet for just over a year. He seems to have accepted the ice cream situation now - know exactly what you're talking about - and most of family have too.

Hope your ds is doing well too, it sounds like he is? I feel for you, it must be difficult having the bilingual issue on top of everything, clouding the issue.

Just want to say to you that with a little SALT intervention, plus our realisation of his problems, ds has made great progress in the last year or so, between age of 2 and 3. Fingers crossed you will be here in a year's time saying the same thing x.

louismama Sat 23-Jul-05 10:53:58

Here here to that beecaboo thanx for support

jollymum Sat 23-Jul-05 11:02:49

Hey, mizmiz, you're doing what I am! I run music classes for o-3years and because I also work with SN kids, I have integrated signing in with the singing. I think that if you're going to teach signs, do makaton (this is for louismama) because sing and sign, although great, is actually full of made up signs as well as some makaton. Babies often develop their own signs anyway. Makaton is mostly used in Early Years schooling anyway, so when the children move on, it's useful to have. HTH

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