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Some GOOD news!

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JakB Tue 19-Jul-05 09:22:28

We had the first Sweet Peas (the toddler group for children with special needs I set up) summer fundraising party on Sunday and it was BRILLIANT! About 100 people there and raised £1200!
So Sweet Peas mum go to Paris, I say...

amynnixmum Tue 19-Jul-05 09:25:38

KarenThirl Tue 19-Jul-05 11:04:22

Blimey, well done!

Fio2 Tue 19-Jul-05 11:44:46

Merlot Tue 19-Jul-05 12:31:04


eidsvold Tue 19-Jul-05 13:28:29

that is fab

MandM Tue 19-Jul-05 13:40:42

Well done JakB, that is fantastic!

macwoozy Tue 19-Jul-05 13:43:55

Great work

RnB Tue 19-Jul-05 14:17:09

Message withdrawn

JakB Tue 19-Jul-05 15:12:14

Going to ask the mums what they want to spend it on.

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