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Family fund - How long do you wait?

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vicimelly Tue 28-Jun-05 06:04:12

I applied to the family fund about six weeks ago, it will be our 3rd grant from them - if we get it, so feeling a bit dozy at not being able to remember how long I've waited before!
Just wondering how long is usual before hearing from them, anyone know?

jayzmummy Tue 28-Jun-05 06:06:37

12 weeks ATM....they are understaffed and have a high level of applications to deal with.

vicimelly Tue 28-Jun-05 06:40:00

Thanks jayzmummy Just wanted to make sure My application hadn't gotton lost somewhere!

anniebear Tue 28-Jun-05 08:05:58

we re-applied approx 2 months ago and got a cheque yesterday for £480, yeah!!

£100 for Toys and £380 for holidays/outings

noori Sat 09-Jul-05 16:31:03

we got our cheque through the post after 12 weeks of applying and this time they did'nt come out to see us just send the cheque this was second time we have recieved it.

sparklymieow Sat 09-Jul-05 16:32:48

I applied in April and heard back in June

coppertop Sat 09-Jul-05 16:35:34

Ours took ages but I think it was at least partly because it was our first application. We applied in April/May, had a visit in November, and received the cheque and vouchers about 2 weeks later.

Dingle Sat 09-Jul-05 17:35:51

Not being nosey, but does anyone get this even if their household earns more than £23k?

WE are £15 a month over before TAX!!
I wasn't going to bother but our machine machine is playing up again, we can't open the window in Amelia's room because it has no lock on it, and any "spare" money we have we want to try to buy a summer house for the garden. Amelia loves her little playhouse, but it would be great if I could get in and play too!
So I applied online anyway!! Thought it worth a try.

Fio2 Mon 11-Jul-05 08:01:14

Dingle, we are the same, dh earns 2k over the threshold a year which as you know means we 'miss out' on alot of freebies etc. i applied to family fund but was refused on the basis of income. Apparently I could have filled in lots of various forms with ingoings/outgoings but tbh i gave up in the end. Its a shame when you really arent getting much/if any more a year iykwim

bumptobabies Mon 11-Jul-05 08:06:51

what is the family fund and who is it for?

Fio2 Mon 11-Jul-05 08:10:32

its a charity to help the families of SN children. If you google 'family fund" or "rowntree foundation" it will give you lots of info

Dingle Tue 12-Jul-05 15:56:43

It is utter madness the way the system works!! I know I diverse but DH works hard to provide for his family, get pittance of a wage rise. Just enough to push us over budget for FFund and then for Tax credits to deduct £30 a month from our payments. I wonder why he bothered really!

Fio2 Tue 12-Jul-05 16:01:56

exactly dingle i agree totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you and us are twins i tell you

Dingle Tue 12-Jul-05 16:05:30

I was going to comment about the "hello" syndrome on another thread. It can be rather embarrassing of a morning as we make our way up the path into school. We are usually running late and the world and his dog, are all walking up the path in the opposite direction. Amelia is just insistant on saying hello to each and every one of them individually! I am trying to encourage her to say "good morning" just for a change!

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