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DD hates trains and driving in the dark...

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Arabica Mon 09-Nov-09 17:23:24

DD (3.3 with GDD/SLD, not ASD) seems to have developed a sudden dislike of night-time driving. We don't do it often, but whenever we do, she spends the entire journey crying, relaxing only when we sing to her. She also hates being on trains (I think this is a noise thing, as she seems scared of the train itself as it approaches the station). Again we don't travel by train often enough for her to get used to it. She doesn't react in this way in any other circumstances, possibly because in other potentially overwhelming situations (crowded places, shops, restuarants) we can remove her or distract her more easily.
Anyone experienced similar...? She isn't able to express what she is feeling in words or signs and I hate seeing her so upset and being unable to help.
OT didn't seem to have any useful advice to offer.

anonandlikeit Mon 09-Nov-09 17:27:22

NO words of wisdom other than maybe a mini torch for the night driving or maybe one of those glow in the dark toys/bears.
Ear defenders for the train?

Marne Mon 09-Nov-09 17:34:06

Dd2 hates most loud noises (trains, cars, lorry's, hand driers), dd1 used to be the same but by gradually exposing her to loud sounds and making it fun she has now got over it.

For when you are in the car you could get her some glow sticks (both dd's love these), the bracelets are good (so she can see where her arms are etc..) or as annon suggested a mini torch.

I'm lucky with dd2 because i can always distract her with food grin.

Arabica Mon 09-Nov-09 17:43:29

Thanks for suggestions. I've never seen a glow in the dark teddy (sounds a bit spooky).She wouldn't tolerate ear defenders--I've tried but i think it reminded her of the way her hearing aid used to feel (she had one mounted on a kind of headband thing).

Re driving, I hadn't thought about her not being able to see well--I was wondering if it was the constant contrasting lighting, all dark and then headlights and streetlamps, that was getting her down--she is worse on the motorway.

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