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OK, I finally agree, soft play is the devil's work...

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TotalChaos Sat 07-Nov-09 20:38:31

Somehow DS managed to fracture his wrist at the soft play today (it would appear he went through the rollers and landed with his body weight on his wrist). Unfortunately I didn't see him do it, so DS had to attempt to explain exactly how he had done it to an A & E doc. That was fun, not. Good news is it's a very minor break, just needing a splint on, and DS seems reasonably happy with the splint touch wood.

Phew, I need a drink. (oh and please don't mention on facebook, my mum's on holiday so I don't want her to know as it sounds so much worse than it is).

notfromaroundhere Mon 09-Nov-09 20:01:27

Oh no your poor DS. Hope it doesn't cause him too much bother. I hope you had a good drink <shudders at A&E trip memory for own DS2>

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