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Just needed to vent!!!!!!!

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Cosmo74 Thu 16-Jun-05 09:54:26

Things just seem to be getting on top of me at the minute - we are still waiting on the school, HV and Gp to get back to us about getting help or an inital assessment by some kind of professional and DS's behaviour is getting worst or maybe I am just tired and cannot cope with it at the minute. I am so mad at hubby too cause he was the one who phoned the school and treatened to complain about them if they didn't get a meeting setup with the us, the head, SENCO and DS teachers, that was nearly 3 weeks ago and he has not phoned them back to ask when the meeting is taking place and I know that I will just get upset if I phone and ask about it. I actually had a row with DS this morning before we left the house - he was so good, got up and got himself ready and we had a talk about trying hard at school and had give each other a hug but then just before we left I said to him to go to the toilet as he had not went since he got out of bed and he said no and was answering back so I lost it and just said 'Fine from now on do whatever you want but do not ask me to do anything for you and then I said that maybe I won't come home from work!!!' we then went and left him off a his grandma were he gets his bus from and now I am at work and feel so bad......will he be thinking all day that I am not coming home.....Can he not help the way he behaves and if so how come some days he is very good and other he is so bad!!!! - Oh I just needed a rant - to top this all off I haven't had a decent nights sleep in over a week and I still have 7 weeks to go before this other baby comes - I think I am stressing about that too as I am thinking what if it is the same... and then I think if it is not the same as DS1 will I love it more...???? Should I just put this all down to hormones................

Sorry for that just need to get this all out of me.

almostanangel Thu 16-Jun-05 09:54:56


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