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aaarrrggh - we need a bigger buggy! help!

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drlove8 Fri 30-Oct-09 12:57:40

for dd4 ! - she's got a baby jogger city mini just now , but its getting too small! .
dd4 can walk , so this is more of a saftey(runs on road)/ lets get to the appointment on time (without having to watch dd4 have meltdown mid street ,because she's seen a bettle,leaf,dog , man with walking stick,) ect.
any suggestions? thanks smile

waitingforgodot Fri 30-Oct-09 13:16:33

Speak to your Health Visitor re a McLaren Major.

drlove8 Fri 30-Oct-09 13:29:12

are mcclaren majors not just for children with mobility difficulties?

ouryve Fri 30-Oct-09 13:29:30

We just got a McLaren Major for DS2, since he's not always in the mood to walk but was getting too big for even a roomy baby/toddler buggy. Instead of waiting for one to maybe or maybe not be supplied to us, we just bit the bullet and got one off ebay - we didn't hang around, because it's rare to see them available to collect in this part of the country, in good nick and with rainhood/basket etc (which you would have to fork out for yourself anyhow).

ouryve Fri 30-Oct-09 13:30:11

No - they're just like normal foldaway buggies on steroids!

drlove8 Fri 30-Oct-09 13:32:10

do they have five point harness and rings to fit extra harnesses.... dd4 is a bit of a houdini

drlove8 Fri 30-Oct-09 13:33:47

lol at buggies on steriods

busybeingmum Fri 30-Oct-09 14:04:20

Message withdrawn

Phoenix4725 Sat 31-Oct-09 10:13:55

depeds on your area here in North East essex they will only help on moblity grounds not behaviour/Asd realted issues

Marne Sat 31-Oct-09 18:35:48

We use this for dd2 and i can fit dd1 (almost 6 in it). We are trying to get a major but have been waiting 4 months so not looking good sad.

drlove8 Sat 31-Oct-09 21:13:59

i dont know what the policy is up here (scotland) , we dont have a snhv just a regular one, she's good though.... having said that still waiting for the nappies we were supposed to be getting from the continence service .... dont think i will put much faith in getting a buggy.would be quicker and easier to buy one.
problem is dd4 is very light for her height, but has very long legs , so its not so much getting her s buggy she can fit in, more like getting one where her legs wont dangle to far to the ground.

Scottie22 Sat 31-Oct-09 21:16:55

In general, Maclarens are quite a good size - think the XT and Techno Classic have biggest seats.

Not sure how old your dd is but I recently got a Babydan Stockholm stroller from ebay (£39) which goes up to 23KG and has a good size seat and height. My dd is 28 months but my 5 year old can fit in it too.

drlove8 Sat 31-Oct-09 21:19:33

dd4 is 4 .she weighs about 22kg ,and has very long legs for her size ( she didnt get them from me btw !)

busybeingmum Sat 31-Oct-09 21:46:43

Message withdrawn

drlove8 Sat 31-Oct-09 22:51:42

wow ! 4'6" - omg im 5'1+1/2 " , i think your ds2 must be the same height as my dd 2 , who is 14! shock..... but if the buggy still fits him then mabey i should look for one for dd4 after all?. smile

ouryve Sun 01-Nov-09 00:30:40

I've read of people using them with small adults!

My 3'2" 15.5kg 3.5 year old who used to drag his feet on the wheels of his old buggy and lean over the front bar so it was nigh on impossible to get up kerbs is very comfortably contained, though. We were given an old Quinny Zapp to keep in the car, back in the summer, but I can't see him fitting in that by next summer - it's the whole foot dragging thing again.

ouryve Sun 01-Nov-09 00:31:55

Oh - and depsite being very flexible, he can't get out of it, even when I don't use the shoulder straps. It fastens very securely.

busybeingmum Sun 01-Nov-09 10:27:43

Message withdrawn

drlove8 Sun 01-Nov-09 11:24:39

lol busy !

drlove8 Sun 01-Nov-09 11:27:41

blush - ive posted that dd4 is about 22kg in error .... shes about 22lb! sadblush
(serves me right for mnetting whilst trying to do 10 things at once)

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