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Summer Holiday SN Provision

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TheRealMrsF Wed 08-Jun-05 21:54:32

Had a stroke of luck today....rang to confirm Tom and Leigh's places on a general SN holiday club....held for 2 weeks at the local sports centre.

Was a bit dissapointed when i was told that they would only probably get 2 days each per week....but grateful ofcourse.....then i muttered something about Alex not being diagnosed but certainly SN etc.

Said how he gets so upset when he can't go with the other 2 etc.....

She asked his age...then said that the under 7's have a separate club based at a local SN Nursery/Primary School.....and that A)They have SPACES for ALL of the 2 weeks.....and B) NO DIAGNOSIS NEEDED.....just my description of his problems was enough!!!!(she also said it would be PROPER respite for me...whereas 2 out of 3 going would not)

And this gets better....ALL the children who attend at both the over & Under 7's get 1:1 support/interaction with a 'suitably chosen' NVQ TRAINED adult....she even said that they have college students who are deliberately chosen as volunteers because they are knowledgeable about computers/playstations etc!!!! (maybe Yu Gi OH!!!!!)...

So tomorrow i am filling in a form for alex.!!!!

So ASK at any scheme running.....maybe there's schemes out there that you assume would not accept YOUR child...who will!!!!

KarenThirl Thu 09-Jun-05 12:19:13

Blimey, what a result! I'm in the process of looking into something similar myself and fear I may have missed the boat, so wish me luck that I get something as fab as yours. Hope they have a great time!

macwoozy Thu 09-Jun-05 12:42:38

Thats great news. I bet you're so relieved.

I've got my ds into two playschemes over the summer hols which will work out to 8 full days. One of those playschemes called Disability Challengers also doesn't ask for a diagnosis, all they require is a form to be filled explaining the childs problems. He didn't have to be referred by a social worker unlike alot of the playschemes that I looked into. Mind you, he won't get 1:1 support, it's one adult per 4 children. He has been before and I had to fill in the accident book on quite a few occasions, but he's very keen to go again.

Love the idea of college students being involved with their knowledge of playstation games, but they certainly wouldn't get a look in if my ds was around.

TheRealMrsF Thu 09-Jun-05 18:24:58

i spent 2 hours today filling in the 3 lots of forms!!!!
So have to wait till end of month to see how many sessions they get...must admit i'm desparate that Leigh gets more than Tom....and that Alex gets the whole 2 weeks.

(he had another screaming/punching outburst tonight when i stopped him flapping a piece of bread & butter round the room....turned out it was a 'butterfly'. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

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