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MyOneAndOnly Sat 03-Oct-09 14:19:45

My dd (4) has an unintelligible speech and this has been brough to my attention by her nursery staff. She misses some sounds (s becomes th) and mispronounces some others (l becames y). Now we have seen a SLT and diagnosis is: STOPPING OF FRICATIVES" and been told that with some S & L Therapy, eventually it would be rectified. I cannot seem to find much info about this. Anyone has any experience or knowledge? Many thanks...

MyOneAndOnly Sat 03-Oct-09 14:21:22

I am going to post the same question now on Special Needs section. Thnx...

MojoLost Sat 03-Oct-09 16:47:32

sorry, never heard of it, I've just googled it and there does seem to be plenty of info on the net. I hope you find the info you are looking for.

littlemisschatalot Sat 03-Oct-09 19:18:08

hello, fricatives are a family of sounds that you need friction to make, ie:- you need to pass air past your teeth in order to make the sound. this family of sounds are f,v,s,z,sh etc. stopping them means she is making what should be a long sound (s,v ,f)into a short sound, most commonly (t, d)
its easy to sort out with some slt.
this is a usual thing that most kids do till about 3;6, then it usually sorts itself out.
at least you have seen an slt. when should the therapy start?
btw, i am an slt!

MyOneAndOnly Sun 04-Oct-09 03:41:00

Hi MojoLost and hi littlemisschatalot. Yes, there are some info on the internet but I was specifically hoping to find some info on MN website in terms of practicalities that MN members experienced / raised.
littlemisschatalot, we have only seen S & L Therapist 2 days ago, on Thursday, and been told we'll be put on waiting list for therapy which supposed to be in approx 3 months time. So at the moment. I am not sure how things will be, although not worried much. I have been to hell and back, concerning DD's anaemia which didn't go away despite being on medicine, for years and years and I had nightmares about her having some life-threatening blood disease, which has been eliminated now, thaks God! so any speech language problem is a piece of cake, compared to my previous hell about her health.
By the way, DD is bi-lingual, although English is the very dominant one, her dad is English and everyone else apart from me, speaks to her in English. The other language (which is my mother tongue) is much more passive in terms of speaking. She is fine to understand but no practice in the second language. I don't know if this has any effect on the situation or not, probably not.
Thanks again.

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