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speech therapisit is happy,why is the school not?

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ki28 Tue 22-Sep-09 11:30:47

hi there,hope everyone is ok today. Just wondering if anyone could throw a few words of wisdom(knowledge) my way?? my four yr ds has been having some trouble at school reguarding social skill,and pronouncing words,and motor skills and eye contact. He has been diagnoesed with a bad case of glue ear during the summer hols that wont seem to go away(just awaiting a app for gromits and so on) and the doctors think that it was playing a large part in him struggling with sounds,with this knowledege,we now speak louder and slower we are no more seeing him having trouble with and sounds,were as his school just made a crack bout shouting in loud in the other ear so it goes in. (not very funny). he saw a speech therapist on friday and she called me after seeing him and saw no problems reguarding anything the school has brought up and that his speech is advanced if anything,she observed him playing with other children,making eye contact with both adults and kids and joining in.Sha said that she would come back and see him in november just to double check things once he was settled more into school as they had only just returned after the summer hols.i took this as a very positive outcome reguarding ds,but the school said that he still is having trouble with play and sounds. So if the speech therapist didnt pick anything up reguarding his speech and saw him playing why do the school keep shooting down any good/positive news on ds. I understand that we all have his best interests in mind but i just think that they are very quick to label before taking other things into mind.It has alway been split firmly down the middle reguarding ds it is one nusery nurse/teacher and old speacial needs nurse that rasied concerns and brought up asd.Every specalist we see says very doubtful that ds is on asd,just thta he seems a but anxious by the whole school process and is shy. Am just very confused!! can teachers be to quick to label and then not admit that they are wrong. just worried about staff room gossip reguarding ds. alot to read i know, and thanks if you get time time,feels good to get it off my chest x

moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 11:33:10

Who knows?
SALTs know more about communication than teachers and as a result prioritise differently.

This is probably what has happened here.

ki28 Tue 22-Sep-09 12:00:55

hi,thanks for quick reply,what is salts?? i know reguarding the teacher its not about who is right or wrong,but how long does it need to go on before she accepts that maybe she was wrong and stops putting her two pences worth in. she is no longer his teacher and he is already happier in his new class with his new teacher and isnt as anxious as much,whihc i belive is just down to him growing up and that his new baby sister is now 7 months and no longer a new baby. apron strings cut aswell. x

moondog Tue 22-Sep-09 12:02:55

speech and language therapist(s)

ki28 Tue 22-Sep-09 12:07:01


ki28 Tue 22-Sep-09 13:05:47

have now just found out that the schools special needs lady,hasnt even read the report or spoken to salt and has just given me her thought on the assesment via information from the teachers. Really wish school people wouldnt give answers to questions they dont know the answers too. so im going to keep everything what the salt sid and the front of my mind instead of worrying. ta x

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