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Test all done , now worrying time of the results

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longagegap Fri 14-Aug-09 01:49:52

Hi my son is coming 14 months and had a visual brain pattern test and an MRI scan last week ( which broke my heart has he had to be put to sleep ) He got blood test taken nearly 2 weeks ago which take 6 weeks to come back . He has global deveolpment delay and now tryin to get to the root of the problem , i'm so worried they wont find out what the problem is and same time i'm worried if they do find something ??? doesnt make much sense . He has just started to learn how to sit but cant get himself into sitting or out of it , and if he goes to fall he doesnt no what to do . He has physio in the morning were they are goin to try and get him a stander , as he wont stand ... I'm back to hardly not sleeping and cant face to eat much at all . I'm so tired mentaly with worry . He is such a happy wee thing though and is always being stopped in the street as he smiles at everyone . I adore him so much , just tired of the running about here and there and waiting on this person callin . sorry just need to vent

DLI Fri 14-Aug-09 07:20:44

hi, i know how frustration and upsetting it can be waiting for test results. i have been through it with my ds. You just have to keep telling yourself that he is happy and content and if the doctors find something it makes him special. Also concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives. instead of saying he can't do this say he can do this and when he does do something new it will be so much of a bigger achievement. Its good the doctors are doing the tests as it is so much better to know , if there is something causing it, what it is so they can find out how to help.

Good luck

lucymum2four Fri 14-Aug-09 09:24:58

Hi longagegap
our DD is waiting to have her test's she will to have MRI and a EEG and ultrasound . Had the bloods taken already.

so understand what you mean when you say so worried that they wont find whats wrong..

It's something i have felt in my heart with DD for along time.

all the tests are being done in the next month. the MRI first on 25th aug..

just to know others are in same boat as you really helps,so keep posting...

and good luck.. x

SJisontheway Fri 14-Aug-09 09:36:39

Hi Longagegap, I remember how stressful the testing was. Wanting answers but being so frightened of the long tem implications. it's great that your ds is sitting already. DD didn't sit till 16 months but she was flying around a few months later. She loves to climb now and you can't keep up with her. The fact that your ds is so happy counts for so much. My dd is like this also and she really brings so much joy to us all. Do you know what tests they are doing. The best of luck

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