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I Can't Sleep, wwyd - louds noises vs temporary accomodation

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ChopsTheDuck Wed 12-Aug-09 21:50:26

ds has HMS, dyspraxia and social & communication disorder. Basically half the time he is in what we call autie mode, whether it is pc or not. He is unreachable, needs his own space. Likes to lick, cuddle soft toys, rock, jump, whatever to calm himself. He is physically disabled to the point he can't walk some of the time.

We have had a flood.

I have had too much wine.

I am so stressed out. the remedial work will take up to 6 weeks. neither mine, nor the landlady's insurance will cover the full cost of alternative accomodation. I can't decide whether we are better staying here or moving.

if we stay here - jet engine fans everywhere (5), no flooring. ds will hate the noise, and trip over eveywhere.
If we move he will hate that, on top of new school in sept.

wtf do i do? I can't decide if he will cope better with the noise or the move. Either way it is disruptive which is the last thing he needed on top of the move to junior school.

I know this is teeney compared to what others are going through right now, but we were just starting to get therapies, etc and I'm worried for him.

sorry for the rant, needed to vent!

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 12-Aug-09 23:07:30

sad It all sounds so stressful.
Is there a family member that has space for you? It will be so much easier to stay with someone you know. Could you have the fans on during the day and take him out, then switch them off when you return? It will take longer but it might make things easier.

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