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My ds starts school next Tuesday. It will be fine won't it?

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brokenspacebar Wed 12-Aug-09 21:19:48

I have been fine about it, until now, I just feel overwhelmingly worried. I know it is normal to be nervous.

He is 5, we are in Scotland, he has speech/language disorder/asd "traits" in process of getting a dx.

He went to nursery at the school, it was fine, they are very supportive, have everything they can in place.

Any advice gratefully received (or just say soothing things lol), I think it is just not knowing how he will be and him being away all day is scary really.

daisy5678 Wed 12-Aug-09 21:44:13

It will be fine!

Seriously, if the nursery were good, it bodes well. You will soon be used to him being away all day. A home-school communication book might help you feel that you know how he's doing - I've found it so useful (and now have 5 years' worth, dating back to nursery!)

Hope he has fun.

brokenspacebar Wed 12-Aug-09 21:49:17

thank you givemesleep, I think I am just have one of those emotionally wobbly times...I will ask about the home school book.

ChopsTheDuck Wed 12-Aug-09 21:52:29

ask for an appointment with the senco, to discuss how he is getting on and how he should be supported. If you can establish that line of communication with the school, things become so much easier.

glitteryb6 Wed 12-Aug-09 21:55:02

ds starts school on Monday, my mind is full off taxi transfers, uniforms, swimming stuff, PE stuff, medication, equipment.....grin

taxi driver came out this morning to meet us and he seems lovely but havent met the escort yet and the schools SALT came out at lunchtime for another chat and to watch him eat etc

its a great school but i do worry how he will settle in as its a different school to his nursery placement but mostly im looking forward to going back to bed once he's off in his taxi! grin

Phoenix4725 Thu 13-Aug-09 10:34:11

you lot are the front runners we got 3 weeks left . then be my turn to te nails think is the worry for the first time were not going to have so much control.

Im to looking forward to being able to sleep when ds at school

cyberseraphim Thu 13-Aug-09 13:29:54

DS1 is starting on Monday too - He has not been in nursery for 18 months now (long story) so it will be a big change for him - and me ! The communication with the school has not been great but I'm thinking positive thoughts.....

MojoLost Thu 13-Aug-09 15:03:35

Oh, I know how you feel. My DS starts school in 4 weeks, I don't know if to feel excited or terrified. He will be going to a MS school. I think the school will support his learning well, I am more worried about the social side of things. TERRIFIED. I won't be around to help him anymore.

Barmymummy Thu 13-Aug-09 15:05:14

Yes same here. I chickened out and held him back til Janaury. I have days where I wish I had sent him in September and days where I wish I could hold him back another year grin

Wishing all the kids here the best in their new schools smile

wigglybeezer Thu 13-Aug-09 19:56:25

I didn't realise my older two had special needs when they started school, blissful ignorance at the time (really good nursery teacher got the best out of them in nursery and that disguised their social and communication difficulties!), their little brother (NT) starts next week and i have very mixed feelings (my baby!), he says he doesn't want to go but he will be fine and I am actually looking forward to the teachers having their preconceptions about our family challenged (DS3 is bold and cheeky rather than quiet and obedientgrin).
Your DS will be fine but will be very very tired and probably grumpy, give him a snack in the playground if you can, in case he gets too tired to eat all his tea later.
DS2 got very run down and caught all sorts of bugs around christmas.
Good luck, we had a few tough times but DS2 had 99% attendance last year and a very good report, you'll get there.

brokenspacebar Thu 13-Aug-09 21:13:38

I think I am lucky, (so far) with support, maybe because we live somewhere remote, there isn't as much pressure on services?

I think someone here hit the nail on the head, my worries are about the social side, the not being there, when I can read ds so easily compared to anyone else, the frustration for ds and his peers .... being in Scotland helps because we got to wait until he was over 5 to start school (children have to be at least four and a half).

I know I would worry even if he was nt, so I just need to breathe deeply and hope for the best.

Thanks for all the replies, I hope all the new starters here get on well, it would be good if we all update in the next few weeks, see how they do get many buckets of tears we all cry when we wave them off?

Wiggly, yes, snack is a good idea, ds does not function well when he gets hungry! Good to hear your ds is getting on well at school!

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