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When my request for assessment for statement is refused, - what next?

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StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 10:37:25

Message withdrawn

tryingtobemarypoppins Sun 02-Aug-09 10:41:11

What are his needs starlightMcKenzie?

tryingtobemarypoppins Sun 02-Aug-09 10:45:13

This may help:

Children who cause
significant concern in Early Years will:

�� continue to make little or no progress in specific areas over a long period

�� continue working at an early years curriculum substantially below that
expected of children of a similar age

�� have emotional or behavioural difficulties which substantially and regularly
interfere with the child’s own learning or that of the group, despite having
an individualised behaviour management programme

�� have sensory or physical needs, and require additional equipment or
regular visits for direct intervention or advice by practitioners from a
specialist service

�� have ongoing communication or interaction difficulties that impede the
development of social relationships and cause substantial barriers to

In a few cases, the help provided by the early education setting at Action Plus
may not be sufficiently effective to enable a child to make satisfactory
progress. It will then be necessary to consider whether a statutory, multidisciplinary
assessment is appropriate.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 10:47:52

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 10:49:52

Message withdrawn

tryingtobemarypoppins Sun 02-Aug-09 10:54:32

On what grounds has this been refused? Bit confussed.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 10:59:53

Message withdrawn

asdx2 Sun 02-Aug-09 13:14:11

Does ds have portage or support from the pre school SEN support service? If not ask paed to make a referral to them.
We found it put them on the radar of the LEA that way and statementing started at the same time as the diagnostic process.
My son's statement was in place at 3 and a quarter and my daughter's before she was 3 she got 1 to 1 support in pre school.
At two my daughter could fulfill all the reasons that TTBMP quotes from the CofP can you provide evidence that ds does the same?
I fully agree with you pushing for a statement before entry to pre school because IME once in a school setting school have to then provide evidence that they are failing to make sufficiemt progress rather than achieving their potential.
Lucy now at six is developmentally on target, cognitively very able (top of her year)with no behavioural problems. Much to her new school's amazement she also has a statement quantified and specified to ensure she continues to achieve highly.Had she not got one before pre school she wouldn't have got one I know for a fact.

sodit Sun 02-Aug-09 13:45:44

in herts to get the statement ds has to be functioning in All areas at 50% for his age or he has to have a dx of asd i am not sure whether they will accept a private dx. If they refuse the next step would be to push for them to accept the private dx or push for NHS dx so your ds can get the statement then it will a battle to get he needs on the statement.

moondog Sun 02-Aug-09 13:46:58

'or to stop imposing bad practise and do something more relevant'.

You know you will need to define this and suggest an alternative don't you?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 15:21:38

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 15:26:55

Message withdrawn

asdx2 Sun 02-Aug-09 15:46:37

Sorry TTBMP tryingtobemarypoppins

Surely you are trying to get a statement that will have SALT OT and any other therapies in part three or am I mistaken?

You can have it specified that LSA has has appropriate training, that SALT/OT visits and provides x support and programmes as detailed in the statement.

Not quite sure how you'll get home therapies if they aren't available in your area pre school SEN support service provided home input in our area alongside and in addition to portage.

There is no earlybird in our area either, parental support comes through psychologist during diagnostic process and then a referral to CAMHS if needed.Have you tried CAMHS?

Early intervention in my daughter's case came from me with the support of pre school SEN service(I taught myself based on what I knew from having my son) our LEA has a policy of not funding ABA so had to sort it myself.

It is hugely frustrating have you cotacted IPSEA? Will find you a link for the CofP online that you can download if that will help .

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 15:57:09

Message withdrawn

vjg13 Sun 02-Aug-09 16:03:56

Part 1 of the statement is the child's personal details, part 2 is a description of the child and additional needs they have, part 3 is the additional support they need to access the curriculum and should include therapies, part 4 names the school and part 5 is non educational needs.

asdx2 Sun 02-Aug-09 16:08:03

Don't let the site put you off the helpline is fantastic I would advise anyone at any stage to get IPSEA involved and especially before agreeing to the proposed statement.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 16:15:06

Message withdrawn

vjg13 Sun 02-Aug-09 16:19:10

The appendices are the reports attached that the LEA have used to cobble together all the other parts! So the EP does one, SALT, OT etc

asdx2 Sun 02-Aug-09 16:20:07

Can I ask are you looking for a statement that will fund a home based programme or a statement that will provide sufficient support for your child in a learning establishment?

I think you will most likely have to decide which way you are going to go tbh because if you are pushing for the statement with a named school/pre school /nursery then LEA will put in resources to that establishment they won't be under any obligation to then provide home therapies alongside.

To get additional therapies at home you will probably have to fund privately or get them through health services although if they are on the statement would imagine health will wriggle out of providing additional support.

moondog Sun 02-Aug-09 17:13:07

Just checking. smile

flyingmum Sun 02-Aug-09 17:28:00

Starlight you are not going to get therapies at home because in the eyes of the LEA those should be provided by the NHS. It sounds to me that you need to be pushing your GP/HV and anyone else to refer him to a nursery with special provision (ie, one with on site SALT, etc). Once in this type of system things like statements and on going specialist provision are much easier to continue. Is there any where in your area like this? If you look up your Council Web site they will have a list of educational establishments including those with Special Units attached. Unfortunately its the holidays but in September it may be worth looking round them and making a decision as to which one is the one to push for.

asdx2 Sun 02-Aug-09 17:33:15

In our area thogh you would need a statement to get a place in a nursery with specialist provision and an asd diagosis for an asd specialist provision

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 17:34:45

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 17:39:27

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 17:43:59

Message withdrawn

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