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Anyone doing The Listening Programme at the moment?

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bubble2bubble Fri 31-Jul-09 20:35:07

We're on day 5, and I do think DDs speech has picked up a bit - she had definately regressed after 4/5 weeks without SLT but seems a lot more vocal to today

tclanger Sat 01-Aug-09 09:06:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubble2bubble Sat 01-Aug-09 10:00:00

Hi tclanger

DD1 is just 4 and has verbal dyspraxia ( or according to the last report I got: verbal & oral dyspraxia and a phonological disorder - ouch ) Her OT thinks she has an auditory processing problem as well, though this was difficult to test as she has so little understandable speech

Both our OT & SLT were very much in favour of the Listening Programme,and DD1 has always responded well to music so I thought it had to be worth a try.
Her SLT signed her off at the end of June as she's got a place in a Speech & language Unit for September and even though I've got loads of stuff to do with her over the summer the accuracy in her pronounciation had definately slipped back in the last few weeks.
Yesterday it definately seemed better again,and she was very chatty, though of course this can happen anyeay - we've had a lot of ups & downs in the last year..... I was very curious to know what anyone else thought

tclanger Sat 01-Aug-09 14:18:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubble2bubble Sat 01-Aug-09 16:33:32

Just read what you wrote about the Sound learning centre - VERY interesting - gives me a bit more faith in the Listening Programme actually

Yes definately there seem to be a lot of common themes running through very different language difficulties. DD1 was identified with really bad vestibular problem, which seems to be very common with language difficulties and caused so many other difficulties for her

tclanger Sat 01-Aug-09 18:24:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

siblingrivalry Sat 01-Aug-09 18:38:02

We are doing it at the moment -to help with dd's audio-defensiveness. But, to be honest, I think it has made no difference (6 weeks in). She fights against doing it and it creates real struggles. Yesterday, we were out for a walk and she kept her hands over her ears for the duration hmm

I'm not sure whether to proceed, to be honest.

tclanger Sat 01-Aug-09 19:07:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

siblingrivalry Sat 01-Aug-09 22:22:47

She didn't say a lot at her last visit. She's due again on Monday, so I will discuss it with her then. DD has a lot of anxiety etc going on at the moment, so I'm not sure where TLP fits into that -or if it does at all.
She also needs to block out noise in crowded places.

tclanger Sat 01-Aug-09 22:49:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saker Sun 02-Aug-09 22:29:14

We are on day 3 of the Samonas programme with Ds2. He doesn't like the headphones and at the moment I have to sit and hold his hands to prevent him taking them off. Sometimes he is struggling also, but at other points he seems to really relax. I also have to talk to him throughout which may rather counteract the effect, I'm not sure. But I'm hoping he will get more used to them. I knew he would be difficult but of course when we tried at the therapist's house he was good as gold and sat and wore them for 15min.

No changes really so far but obviously it's early days.

bubble2bubble Wed 05-Aug-09 19:43:50

So DD1 has never been able to 'cross the midline' - the last time an OT asked her to copy an X ( about 2 weeks ago ) she wrote a V on top of an upside down V IYSWIM, if you asked her to copy touching left ear with right hand she touches her right ear etc...
THEN yesterday at OT she suddenly could write an X ( not even copying) and seems to have overcome the midline problem - I was totally gobsmacked
Is this why people rave about the Listening Programme? or is it just coincidence?

The best thing is that she seems to recognise herself that she's done something fairly momentous

improvingslowly Wed 05-Aug-09 22:28:00

I am so pleased for you and your DD!
a funny time for a coincidence to happen is all i can say.

I have lots about the listening prog and other simliar programmes and for whatever reason they really do seem to help.

My friend's son has just started therapeutic listening and i am really hopeful they will see some benefits. (he also has problems with crossing midline etc.)

lovely to hear something good

tclanger Sat 08-Aug-09 10:28:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubble2bubble Sat 08-Aug-09 10:36:58

Well that's amazing! So glad it's going well

I'm now getting DD1 to write an X every day just to check it wasn't a fluke

It's so bizarre - I really wish I could understand how it works, but I just don't

Are you doing TLP once or twice a day? and do you always do it at the same time?
I started off trying to do it at the same time every morning, then other things got in the way ( or DD1 wanted to watch TV and listen at the same time - not really the idea, I think! ) so now it kind of varies. She still likes it though, which is great.

tclanger Sat 08-Aug-09 13:05:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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