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There really are some fabulous teachers out there

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nikos Thu 23-Jul-09 18:09:36

Ds has just finished his year in the early years unit attached to our mainstream school (goes into reception in September). His teacher has quite simply been fabulous. She has bent over backwards to help him settle (he has ASD)and she is just a truly gifted teacher. She sets things in place for all the children to feel secure, which obviously helps a child with ASD.
She and I were both tearful today. Ds took part in the end of term assembly and even got up and danced in a group at the end.

The previous year was awful so we really appreciate what a good teacher brings to an ASD child.

God bless teachers like that smile

DLI Thu 23-Jul-09 21:24:30

i agree, teachers can make such a big difference without really knowing it. My ds has just finished reception (yesterday) and his teachers have been so understanding of his extra needs.

sphil Thu 23-Jul-09 23:06:36

Absolutely. DS2 said goodbye to his fabulous 1:1 yesterday - we did her a photo album showing all the ways she'd helped him and things she's taught him. She couldn't open it at school because she was too emotional - got a lovely text from her later saying how much it had meant to her. He is just a different child in school now and it's because she's given him confidence.

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