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ASD and constipation - don't read if eating or sqeamish!

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SammyK Tue 21-Jul-09 20:49:02


feels like we have had poo issues forever hmm as a tot aspie DS had bad constipation and this has continued since to one degree or another.

He is toilet phobic so won't poo in the toilet, I also think he has seepage as he is often leaving wet sloppy poos in his pants. We actually had a huge breakthrough two weeks ago where he did a little poo in the toilet and received a present, he did the same the next day, but nothing since. As well as his toilet fears I guess he also remembers the times he has pooed and it has hurt him. I am concerned we won't crack the toilet issue until his constipation is sorted.

His stomach is currently rock hard and he is stood in a corner growling if I look at him. sad I couldn't fasten his trousers today due to his stomach being so hard and rounded. He is also wetting in the last 24 hours, which he never does and is very upset by it.

I am going to call GP tomorrow morning but wondered if anyone else had any experience/tips/insight. I also don't want to be dismissed at the GPs tomorrow or have him treated as an NT child. He has sensory issues around food so that is also a tricky area. Don't want to leave the surgery frustrated!

mysonben Tue 21-Jul-09 21:30:10

my ds is 3.8 , asd, he is now toilet rained but we still have accidents now and then.
He too can get quite bloated, constipated and then he cries when trying to poo.
One problem we have with ds is he doesn't drink consistantly, i mean some days he will drink lots and lots but most of the time he doesn't want to drink juice or water...only milk , which i only give 2 bottles a day.
My gp gave us some Lactulose solution to help for when things get bad. But of course ds doesn't like it and scream blue murder when he sees it! sad
DS won't eat fruits and veggies , only baby fruits purees.

Sorry cannot really help, but i sympathise.
Maybe you can try lactulose? If you haven't already tried it.
I know it works well if you can manage to give the doses requiered and it's quite gentle too.

Woooozle100 Tue 21-Jul-09 21:52:35

we use movicol (have used lactulose - find movicol more effective) but also rate dried fruits and whats that stuff you can buy - califig

we blend dried fruits together and dollop it in with dd's porridge every morning. Really hels

She has gastro and giving her more flushes helps so more fluids / drink

Hoe you sort it out soon. Tis horrible

coppertop Tue 21-Jul-09 21:58:08

The Paed suggested lactulose for my two, or movicol if the lactulose didn't work.

One boy used to 'go' at least 3 times a day and the other one went once every 3 days. Both are now far more regular and no longer find it painful to poo.

coppertop Tue 21-Jul-09 21:58:56

Forgot to say good luck with the GP appointment!

meltedmarsbars Tue 21-Jul-09 22:12:33

Movicol and lactulose work in different ways - it was described to me that lactulose will soften a stool by taking moisture from the bowel area, whereas movicol is an electriolyte and carries water in solution all the way through the bowel.

We use both in tandem to keep dd2 (v weak muscles incl bowel muscles) going.

SammyK Tue 21-Jul-09 22:19:04

Hi everyone, knew there would be people on MN who had gone through something similar!

Movicol and Lactulose - what form are these in? Are they tablets, powder or a liquid? Do they have a colour or flavour to them? We can't get away with califig even hidden in strong tasting juice. If there are herbs in a sausage he will scream 'argh my mouth is on fire!'. He is very sensitive in terms of tastes and textures.

Drinks - he goes through cycles where he will be hooked on milk and then juice, then milk again. I have steered him more towards milk but realise this won't help his constipation, catch 22 as juice not good for his teeth which he hates having brushed. Has had 5 out ad has just been complimented on what lovely condition his remaining baby teeth are in.

DS will eat some fruits, but carrot sticks are the only veg he will eat. Has a typical ASD beige diet. sad I often feel quite sad about this as DP and I love our food and eat a real variety, DS won't eat anything that's hot and wet, or strong in flavour. I feel really upset sometimes for what he is missing.

Sorry I have rambled on blush will report back from docs tomorrow.

HelensMelons Tue 21-Jul-09 22:36:56

Hi SammyK

We have similar probs with ds2 (8 asd). Lactulose is given as a liquid and movicol is a powder mixed with water given as a small drink. We have used and use both if necessary. We have been on the 'poo plan' a couple of times and found movicol good for a 'clear out' and lactulose keeps us on top of things if he hasn't gone in a day or two (or three).

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow!

hereidrawtheline Tue 21-Jul-09 23:07:06

lactulose didnt work for DS and it sounds like your DS's constipation is pretty bad too. I would try movical first if you can but I just mean if he really is not going it will help him quicker, in my experience. It is a powder sachet. We mix it with a bit of water then top it up with juice, DS wont take it otherwise he doesnt like the taste. But now he actually asks for his poo medicine when he needs it!

HansieMom Wed 22-Jul-09 03:07:31

Sounds like encopresis--there are forums online to discuss it. I had a lengthy message but it disappeared.

Anyway--feces fills up colon, liquid feces can seep by, child does not know he is going. Treatment is to clean them out and keep them going with medication and regular sits.

SammyK Wed 22-Jul-09 13:47:16

Can't get into docs until Friday morning for the specific doctor DS likes (don't want to go to another unfamiliar doc in case they want to examine him, and he is unco-operative. I have given him lots of fibre today (and no milk) to try and get him 'moving' and it worked, big huge bowel movement like a brick. shock sad He has been trying to get it out for days so very relieved fr him. Soon as he had done it was was literally bouncing off the walls and making happy noises playing.

just looked into encopresis as had never heard of the term before - very interesting and will mention it when I see GP.

I heard him this morning talking to himself in the bathroom saying 'poo - don't come out!' Sigh.

Marne Wed 22-Jul-09 18:33:37


DD1 (AS) has always suffered from this, she's 5 now and still has a toilet phobia but we have managed to get her to use a plastic toddler seat. She was at her worst at around 2 years old, some days she would go over a week without going sad and when she did go it was very painful (almost like giving birth).

Last week we had a toilet training expert come to talk to us at playgroup coffee morning and she mentioned a medicine that you can give them, not sure what it was called but it comes in powder form and you put it in their drink.

Dd is a lot better now, still very hard poo's but she goes every day, i have managed to get more fruit into her which helps (she still won't eat veg).

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