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am finished waiting. Do I go to PALS or formal complaint to chief exec - tell me I am doing one tomorrow

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hereidrawtheline Thu 16-Jul-09 20:06:51

says it all really. my life has gone down the drain in so many ways, my child is a constant trial, my marriage is suffering, they have fucked us about for too long.

I am a writer and know how to put words together and know not to go in guns blazing but rather firm and just point out their uselessness.

But who do I go to pals or straight to complaint procedure? I've never complained about the nhs before so I dont know what is most effective.

moondog Thu 16-Jul-09 20:44:08

What is the nature of your complaint?

hereidrawtheline Thu 16-Jul-09 20:50:10

how much time do you have LOL

to sum up - going back a year. DS's referral to a specialist was lost 3 times and once sent to the wrong doctor, each time put back in the system, no apology etc.

Finally saw dev pead back in April who recommended CAHMS. Saw CAHMS June who said we would see him again beginning of July. Havent heard anything since. I have phoned dev pead's sec and CAHMS sec and emailed, all polite, and left messages. Havent heard back.

It doesnt sound too bad written back like that. A lot of other people on SN can vouch for the hell we have been through. Basically nothing has happened in a year. Nothing is in the works. Each time I phone they say they dont have a record of an appointment request and will get the CAHMS doctor we saw in June to call me to explain. He never has.

DS meanwhile has deteriorated to the point where I am living each day just because I love him so much I am obliged to care for him. But I feel my life is over.

We havent been given any help, support, advice, and no one will even speak to us.

moondog Thu 16-Jul-09 21:00:07

Bloody hell, you poor poor thing.

I'd go straight for Chief Exec.
Also, contact SNAP/Parent Partnership for guidance and support on following formal compaint protocol.If you adhere to this you will be listened to more quickly and seriously.

hereidrawtheline Thu 16-Jul-09 21:04:32

wow i thought you would think it didnt sound that bad put like that blush I was kind of expecting a buck up camper.

moondog Thu 16-Jul-09 21:06:31

No, it sounds utterly utterly outrageous and unacceptable.
Don't put up with it.
Remember though to stay calm and factual and courteous. It really helps.

hereidrawtheline Thu 16-Jul-09 21:08:26

this is the complaints procedure for the hosp in question. Can I just write a really great email to the given address?

moondog Thu 16-Jul-09 21:12:34

Hmmm, i'd contact PALS first actually and go through them and then keep Chief Exec. and formal complaint up sleeve as later card to play.
Give them a ring tomorrow eh? smile

Phoenix4725 Thu 16-Jul-09 21:15:11

I would do it in writing and keep copys and more so know cost bit more send it recorded then they can not deny recieving i had to do the same thing I also cc to the paed , the head of hospital my mp and head of the trust which is the same as you

i do politley pissed of annoyed

please tell me it was not Dr D at hospital

And hate to tell you the Lea are as bad dont know if they refered you to sencan yet , from that pov they were ok we got ft 1-1 at preschool but for school they been real sods over statement infact without Mn would not been able deal with

hereidrawtheline Thu 16-Jul-09 21:19:59

Its a Dr B

Moondog - I have never used PALS before and dont know anything about them other than name. DH works for a different NHS trust and he says an email to the chief exec would work wonders at his trust. What good is PALS going to be do you think? I do want to do something tomorrow either email tonight or phone.

jennybensmummy Thu 16-Jul-09 21:50:51


ive complained about a paediatrician recently, though different area and just had to add that i chose the pals option and its taken 6 months and still not resolved - they aim to do things asap but have no set rules or anything. a formal complaint has to be investigated fully and replied to within a certin amount of time (days rather than months!!) personally id go for that one! one tip i was told was to start with "i wish to make a formal complaint about..." as there is no doubt then as to what they have to do next!! hope thats of some help

moondog Thu 16-Jul-09 23:46:15

Oh, in that case, go to ChiefExec. I was not aware that no time limit with PALS stuff.It's settled then-straight for the jugular!

fizzyanddizzy Fri 17-Jul-09 07:37:59

Definately go straight to the chief exec if you want something to happen. I think I said to someone else here - hospitals are about to be assessed for the first time on their performance for people with ld's. (Care quality commission national indicator). They might just be a bit more eager to take action with a formal complaint. Having met with a chief exec about this sort of issue - formally complaining is def the only way to go.
Good luck.

juliaw Fri 17-Jul-09 09:24:54

Hi, i work in the complaints field and would say letter to chief exec - PALS is to resolve complaints informally - you need to get the clock running formally otherwise you will never get anywhere. Under the formal procedure they have to keep to time limits. If they don't reply within timeframe or you are unhappy with reply you can complain to the Health Service Ombudsman. Keep copies of everything. You can also get in touch with ICAS (Independent Complaint Advocacy Service) who can help people going through the NHS complaint process - its free. See e/DH_4087428 for your local branch.
Its important to consider what can be achieved eg usually an apology or promise to change things in future. If there is something specific for your child you need to explain what you want done to put things right. A Trust can offer an ex-gratia payment for poor service but its minimal (and they rarely offer if you don't ask for it!). If you are looking for any compensation as such you would need to go the legal route.

jenk1 Fri 17-Jul-09 17:12:39

letter to chief exec id say, ive complained to paeds and PALS before and got nowhere and the one time i complained directly to the chief exec i was given a meeting straightaway with the doctor who was NOT happy at being made to explain her depts treatment of us but hey ho,it got things moving.

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